Spotlight: Mitsubishi Evo VI

There’s nothing that beats the aggressive look of a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution. Something about this model turns countless heads while it passes through streets, making every man think about why he didn’t buy a saloon like that. Fortunately Benjamin, an appriciated forummember of ours, did make the right choice of buying this amazing Evo. We invited Ben for a photoshoot and he accepted it with pleasure. We drove to a cul-de-sac and took a few snaps underneath some trees.

The thing about this Evo is, it doesn’t need a lot of modifications to get respect. Just a few details are enough to finish the cool looks.

I admire a few carbon parts on a car. Like this heat shield. This Lancer also has a Blitz Nur-Spec R exhaust.

And also the carbon NACA scoop has its function and its look…

I don’t care if you put real Ralliart mud flaps on it or just these, it puts that little bit of emphasis on what this car stands for and is good at.

And since we were on a road with very little traffic, we didn’t bother anybody while we were driving back and forth to take rolling shots of Benjamin’s Lancer.

And this shot from the side, taken by fellow Wangan Warrior Paul.

Ben upgraded his suspension with a set of KW Variant 3 coilovers and Ralliart topmounts. He even has a sunroof which is rather exclusive on these Lancers.

Underneath the bonnet we find a stock engine with a Turbosmart dual port dumpvalve…

… and a HKS Racing suction kit.

Benjamin, we hope you like this special blog and the pictures. We appreciate your activity on our forum! Hopefully you’ll join us when we go to any future meetings. And please keep us posted with any project updates!

– Rens Adams

Photos by Rens Adams and Paul Krauth