Spotlight: Paul’s new drift dress

This is Paul’s new Nissan Silvia S14a. This car was on the market for quite a while and Paul decided to take it under his wing and start his own story with it. I believe that almost everyone who has a passion for the Japanese automotive scene, has a certain weak for drifting. I can’t remember what exactly made me fall in love with the style and flair that goes with it but I guess it’s timeless and magical. Maybe it’s just different from other excisting styles or the common state of affaires in the scene.

The most remarkable thing about the exterior is the large amount of stickers used to decorate this Silvia and make sure it outshines like not other S14. This was the work of the previous owner who also bought Paul’s previous car, his mad slammed S13.

At a distance this car looks pretty clean and tidy but when you take a closer look you’ll see it’s is used and abused. Luckily this is Paul’s motto as well and he bought this car just for that reason. That lack of neatness is just how he likes it.

The ‘I don’t give a crap’ mentality is to be found in every detail of this drift dress. The battery was secured with random stuff you’ll find in any garage.

Underneath the bonnet lies that good old SR20DET upgraded with a Horsham Development Stage1 chip, an Apex Front mount intercooler, Apex’i Blow off valve and many other goodies.

Obviously the welded differential makes shure this is possible so ladies you’re lucky today!

The handling is beeing taken care of as well. With Apex Gen2 Coilovers installed, front and rear strutbraces and Japspeed tension rods this baby has a decent roadability. The 18” wheels are rather tattered as you can see. Paul couldn’t tell me what brand they are so maybe one of you readers out there knows?

This Silvia has a complete Uras S14a conversion bodykit and over here you have a good overall look of that and the large variation of awesome stickers.

These Nismo bucketseats make sure you stay in one place while going sideways. Even the interior is full of stickerbombs and other cool details.

As you can see the Sparco deepsish steering-wheel is quite worn which only means one thing. You can probably guess what, right?

The previous owner also did something odd with the teller console. A hand drawn rev counter with hello kitty smiling towards you is not something you see on a daily basis.

To me this car is pouring with character from every corner. Given that Paul’s state of mind is basically, ‘looking hardcore and not giving a damn about anything else’, I can assure you he will take good care of this S-body and he certainly has good plans with it.

I couldn’t let Paul leave our short meeting without a few Wangan Warriors stickers on his car so here they are. And to anyone out there, feel free to ask one of our clubmembers for some stickers when you see us!

Paul, thank you for your time and I hope you appreciate the spotlight on our blog.

– Rens Adams

Photos by Rens Adams