Spotlight: Time for change

We all agree that it never ends what we do. Finishing a project might give you temporary satisfaction but after a short while you’ll probably start thinking about a next project, better upgrades or a complete game changer. You all know Noud and his S13 by now and you also know that he has a certain style and taste when it comes to his 200sx. Over the past years a lot has changed on his car but it was only recently when the biggest change was done to the exterior.

Noud’s girlfriend came up with quite a brilliant fresh green colour and it made Noud think about repainting the body of his s13. There were some small exterior changes on his wish list but none as big as a complete paintjob.

Luckily we know some curly guy driving a clean blue painted 200sx who works as a professional bodywork painter/repairman. That would be our dear friend Freek Kops who earned his stripes in the scene for helping out lots of people.

He was kind enough to offer Noud to help out with the painjob and I can tell you first hand that he did and amazing job!

The hardest thing was to keep everything secret untill after the painjob was done. Freek came over to Noud’s place on friday night and what I didn’t expect was that the car was almost completeley done in one evening.

Noud prepared the car and garage so that Freek only needed to do some finishing touches and make the car ready for the job. I was amazed by his accuracy and precision.

Preparing the paint and off we go!

It didn’t take long before I noticed my camera being covered in vapour of the paintjob so I got my ass out of the garage to secure my gear. Before I knew it, Freek was done with the first two layers and the car was drying. The next morning the front bumper and side skirts got their new colour as well and as soon as they dried up, we could mount back the body parts.

We were all psyched of how the result would look like in broad daylight instead of in the garage. What we all saw was a new car. I saw Noud walking away for a few meters and looking at his car from a distance with a big fat smile on his face. It turned out to be exactly what he expected and wished. Well done Freek!

The colour is a mystery for some people because it’s hard to make it look the same in every single shot and in different lightning conditions.

How would the colour look on the widebody?

Would de deepdish wheels have the same impact on the exterior?

How would it convert into black & white photography?

It all turned out to be just fine if you ask me and I think everybody will agree if they see the ‘new’ s13!

On behalf of Noud I would like to thank Freek once more for a job perfectly executed. As Freek himself said, looking at the result: “this is what I do this for!” Describing his own satisfaction with the result he pulled off.

Thanks Freek, you’re one hell of a Warrior!

– Rens Adams