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Oosterhout: Growing bigger and bigger

If you’re into cars, and JDM rides in particular, then there are a few events each year that are highlighted in your agenda. Of course there’s the Season opener in Amersfoort (organized by our great team), DMPD (and all DMPD related events) and of course our very own End of Year meeting in Oosterhout. This year marked the fourth anniversary of an event that grows bigger every year! Continue reading


Lifestyle: Captured moments

I just wanted to share a couple of photos and talk a little bit about some special moments of this past year. Moments which weren’t mentioned in blogs or didn’t get the attention needed. Going through my pictures it made me realise that I go to so many amazing places and got to meet great people allong the way and some of them became my closest friends during this past year. Some people reached their goals and some set new ones. It’s no secret that the scene is changing and that it’s becoming more and more serious. Continue reading