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What´s 2019 gonna bring?!

“This year is going to be so much better then last year!”. But is it going to be so much better? And what makes it a good year?

Before looking forward to this year I want to look back to a rough year of 2018. A year I only wrote two blogs for Wangan and barely touched my camera. A year we only published a total of six blogs.

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Nissan Motorsport at the 24h of Spa 2016.

Living one and a half hours away from the Spa-Francorchamps circuit, the 24 hours endurance race of Spa has naturally been high on the ‘to-do’ list of must-go events.
This year the time had come to finally tick that one off the list so me and Rens Adams geared up with enough spare batteries and Red Bull to last us through the long and sleepless weekend and went on our way. Continue reading