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Car life: Roadtrippin’

I, as you do, like cars. I love to watch races, I love to wrench on cars, I love to photograph them and above all, I love to drive them. Driving a car still feels special to me, even after the hundreds of thousands of kilometres I’ve driven so far. The sheer pleasure of controlling a big powerful machine that stimulates all your senses is still a great feeling. Hearing the engine work, feeling the car through your spine, smelling all the fumes, ‘speaking’ with the car with your hands through the steering wheel. But best of all, it comes in all forms and shapes. Some spirited driving or just cruising around with the windows, or better yet the top down on a beautiful evening? You can do both with just one car. Continue reading


Car life: A quick visit at Co-OrdSport

Every now and then I’m looking around for cars to shoot and this week I asked Wouter Vallen from Co-OrdSport NL if he had something in mind. I know for a fact that he had some cool cars over at his shop from customers but I had a special request to shoot a GT86 for once. Of course he knows a few people in the scene so he contacted one of his partners at Toyota for me. Continue reading


Car life: Looking back and living forward

The end of every year is fun and boring at the same time and both for diffirent kind of reasons. We wrapped up the season with an End oy Year meeting with more visitors than we could have ever dreamed of. That was definitely a new milestone and an eye opener for us. We have a lot of pictures to tell stories from this past year. Some cars are in the process of becoming more amazing than they were before and others have just finished theirs. Continue reading