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Built to win! The Valtonen Motorsport RX-7

Hello and welcome to my first (and hopefully not last) blog on Wangan Warriors. Some may know me as Stijn van Beek, seen my photos on Lifestyle-INC or know me as a red-headed boy driving a Honda CRX. I’m not going to bother you guys with boring stuff about myself so let’s talk about something you don’t see everyday. 

All the way from Finland, the Valtonen Motorsport FD3S RX-7. Continue reading


2015 – Broken resolutions, life changing decisions and brilliant memories

It’s funny sometimes how fast time flies by. It feels like only a couple of months since I wrote my 2014 recap, but it’s already been a year! If you read that recap then you’ll know that I finished with a resolution for 2015; Take the plunge and move to Japan.  Well, sometimes things don’t exactly go according to plan, but I’d have to say that it’s not necessarily a bad thing because in 2015 – despite a few broken resolutions – I took some life changing decisions and made some brilliant memories. Continue reading


JapFest 2K15 – Time Attackers and personal favorites

Okay. I’ll just go ahead and admit it. I’m spoiled rotten! I’ve been to so many great events, both big and small, in Europe that most events in my home country of the Netherlands just don’t seem to do it for me anymore! Unfortunately I don’t have the financial means to visit an event or race in another country every weekend and well, sometimes you just have an itch that needs scratching. So, on Saturday evening I decided that I would scratch said itch and visit JapFest at Circuit Park Zandvoort on Sunday!  Continue reading


Events: European Time Attack Masters

Aside from a few track days I can’t really remember when I last attended Time Attack at Zandvoort but I can tell you one thing, it felt good to be out there again. I was amazed by how many teams from abroad made their way to the Dutch track in the dunes. When Wangan Warriors was invited to become mediapartner for the European Time Attack Masters I was pretty excited and started brainstorming with the crew about how we would approach the event and how we would cover it. Continue reading