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Nürburgring Drift Cup – Round 4 2016

Fall time at the Nürburgring means that the weather will be unpredictable as ever.
This time around heavy fog covered the whole track for hours and there was a large chance that the battle runs on Sunday would be called off.
Thankfully the weather cleared in time and the boys could go out and make some heavy fog of their own.

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I love the eighties!

Aaaah yes! The eigthies. The Teenage mutant ninja turtles were created. The Dutch football team actually won something. I was born (1983). Miami Vice. The Berlin wall fell. Punkrock. The golden age of graffiti. Akira. Jan Lammers wins the 24H of LeMans. Back to the future. Skateboarding. U2. MTV still broadcasted actual music videos. The A-team. Walkmans were cool. GI Joe. Cindy Crawford was my first crush when I was five. Last, but certainly not least, my first car (an AW11 MR2) rolled out of the factory! Oh, and it was the decade of boxy, Japanese, four-door saloons. Continue reading

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Dennis Köhler – 460Hp Mazda Miata Turbo

Dennis Köhler is a familiar name on this blog. We’ve mentioned this young drift talent a few times in our Nürburgring Drift Cup coverage in the past. Our video guy Antonis of Anto Moto did an interview with Dennis at the Müllenbachschleife during the last NDC round. He showed every single inch on the furious NA and some nice action footage. Watch the video! Continue reading


NDC 2015 round 2 – Having fun

This post has been very long in the making. Many weeks in fact, with many many rewrites. Why? Because I seem to be unable to write an event report like my fellow bloggers here at Wangan Warriors. Their blogs, like Bill’s articles about King of Europe, read like a complete story. I usually read them at least twice, and I always get the feeling I was there too at an event.
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50 shades of grey

Gatebil. As I mentioned in my event coverage, about everything there is to say or write about it has been written or said. The same goes for the Toyota/Subaru/Scion GT86/BRZ/FRS. In the relatively short time this model is on the market, about anything you can think of in terms of modifications has been done. The funny thing is though that most of the heavily modified GT86’s/BRZ’s/FRS’s seems to either reside in the States or Japan with the odd exception in Europe or Australia. So when I stumbled upon this GT86 I knew I had to feature it!  Continue reading


To Gatebil and back

Imagine this for a second… You live in a country which is rich of culture, history, art, stunning nature, plenty of automotive activity and much more, yet you can’t seem to find your way here. You’re seeking for a different form of excitement and joy to fill those boring Sundays and weekends – the kind of pleasure you can’t seem to find close to home. I’m sure many of you can relate to this and begun looking for places beyond your natural environment. Continue reading