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WNGN Guests: Dimitri Stieben | Drifthunts

WNGN Guests will be a series of guest articles from talented photographers who deserve some attention on Wangan Warriors. Dimitri Stieben from Drifthunts is a creative guy with illustrations and a camera. He tells us about his amazing work in this WNGN Guest blog.

Hello my Name is Dimitri Stieben better known as Dimi and I’m 29 years old. I wasn’t into cars as a kid at all since a car was concidered as a practical tool in our family. The 8th of May 1998 changed everything for me though, and some of you may remember this holy date, as it was the release day of the original Gran Turismo! Continue reading


Weekend Wallpaper: A Drifthunts illustration

This week we have something a little different for our wallpaper item. I always have my eyes open for other peoples creativity and I’m constantly looking around on the photopages of other photographers to see what they’re up to. Sometimes it’s just inspiring for myself to better my photography and sometimes it might be a new page or website I visit regularly for some fresh entertainment. Continue reading