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Nürburgring 24h: Dreams come true

We all have goals in life right? Goals often find their origin in a dream and that’s where the idea of something you want to achieve suddenly comes to life. For many people dreams are nothing more than the word and an idea itself. Dreams do not always come true for everybody which is unfortunate of course. I have a strong belief that no matter how big the dream is, if you persue that dream with the ideas you have you will eventually reach your goal. Continue reading


NDC15: It has begun

NDC15 has officially kicked off with Round 1 of the Nürburgring Drift Cup and boy it was an interesting start of the season. The weeks before an event is always a little nerve-racking and especially when you’re visiting the German Eifel. I’m always hoping for nice weather and praying for some known teams to return to the Müllenbachschleife again. I was happily surprised that some of my favourite teams and drivers signed up again for the start of the Drift Cup and couldn’t wait to get out there. Continue reading