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Events: A second look on DUMPd 2012

So, DUMPd… I don’t visit meetings with static cars that often because, as you can tell from my previous blog posts, I prefer the action on the track. But when I heard about DUMPd I knew I had to visit it. The concept of a big selection meet aimed at stanced cars with all the various scenes represented was something that appealed to me because it made sure the area wouldn’t be jam-packed with cars with lots of polyester and a 12 gigawatts audio system. Continue reading


Events: A first impression of DUMPd 2012

There is one thing I know for a fact and that is that hundreds of people had the time of their life at DUMPd today. This was an event of biblecal proportions. The idea of the event was to bring all serious car styles together, gather all the brands and make a meeting with an unseen setup in the entire Dutch car culture. The large indoor area of the Enka factory displayed the most amazing cars of the event. Unfortunately because of the limited space not all the indoor selected cars could get inside. The weather was lovely so I don’t think anyone was bothered to park their car on the outdoor area. Continue reading