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Events: Breaking records at Syntix Speedmasters

A few weeks back the Wangan Warriors blog team went almost full force to an event called Syntix Speedmasters. It was an event I was really looking forward to for various reasons. First, it would be one of the very few events we would cover with multiple team members. Second, and most importantly, it promised to be a weekend filled with tyre smoke and roaring engines. Continue reading


Events: European Time Attack Masters

Aside from a few track days I can’t really remember when I last attended Time Attack at Zandvoort but I can tell you one thing, it felt good to be out there again. I was amazed by how many teams from abroad made their way to the Dutch track in the dunes. When Wangan Warriors was invited to become mediapartner for the European Time Attack Masters I was pretty excited and started brainstorming with the crew about how we would approach the event and how we would cover it. Continue reading