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50 shades of grey

Gatebil. As I mentioned in my event coverage, about everything there is to say or write about it has been written or said. The same goes for the Toyota/Subaru/Scion GT86/BRZ/FRS. In the relatively short time this model is on the market, about anything you can think of in terms of modifications has been done. The funny thing is though that most of the heavily modified GT86’s/BRZ’s/FRS’s seems to either reside in the States or Japan with the odd exception in Europe or Australia. So when I stumbled upon this GT86 I knew I had to feature it!  Continue reading


Happy 8-6 day: The classic VS the classic to be?

Hachiroku. Initial D. Keichi Tsuchiya. Just some numbers/words/names to some, the start of a life dedicated to drifting for others. Introduced in 1983 it was the last of the rear wheel drive corollas and proved to be pretty popular amongst car enthusiasts and not just amongst drifters as it’s been just in a European GT classes, Japanese and US Group A and N classes and even proved a popular chassis for rallying.
But alas, like I said it was the last of the RWD corollas and although Toyota still proved to be capable of building iconic sports cars like the Supra or MR2 it took some time before they would develop a new, affordable front engined, rear wheel driven sportscar.

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Art of the GT86

It’s easy to agree that us gearheads consider cars or car-projects as art. I myself am absolutely in love with the Toyota GT86 and fortunately I got to drive one myself the other day at Co-ordSport. In the same week I got to photograph one as well at our End of Year meet in Oosterhout and this was a photoshoot which has been on my to do list for some time now. I got in touch with the owner Gunther Lamberts and and agreed that I would spend some quality time with his Toyota at the meet. Continue reading


Car life: A quick visit at Co-OrdSport

Every now and then I’m looking around for cars to shoot and this week I asked Wouter Vallen from Co-OrdSport NL if he had something in mind. I know for a fact that he had some cool cars over at his shop from customers but I had a special request to shoot a GT86 for once. Of course he knows a few people in the scene so he contacted one of his partners at Toyota for me. Continue reading