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Postcard from Japan

What better place to get a postcard from than Japan right? Our club member Paul has made the trip to the land of the rising sun and was kind enough to send us a couple photos. We’ll try and get a little travel report for you guys by the time Paul is back but for now you’ll have to do it with these pictures from the famous Star Road workshop. Continue reading


Work in progress: Go big or go home!

Rocky Auto, Star Road, Mizuno Works. Just some names that should ring a bell when it comes to restoring classic JDM machinery. Especially Rocky Auto is known for it’s wild engine and drivetrain conversions. But it’s not “just” the Japanese that know what they are doing when it comes to crazy builds. In the first article I gave you a sneak peek about what DBM engineering has in store for this ’71 KGC-10 “Hakosuka” but now it’s time to reveal how unique this project really is! Continue reading


Work in progress: Preserving a Hakosuka

We work hard. We work to provide for our families, pay our mortgage or to maintain our passions. I’m no exception. I’m just your average Joe with a passion for cars and cameras and I have the great pleasure of combining those two, here, on our humble blog. It’s mostly during the late hours of the day that I’m working on my passions, either browsing the web for my next subject or working on my own subject. But sometimes life gives you lemons. And when it does it’s best to make some fine lemonade! Continue reading