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A Hairdressers Perspective – Introducing Bop Westerduin

私は床屋だ、これは私の車です. Not really though, but it is best to not take ourselves too seriously in this hobby. Or in life. It is my personal opinion that when you are open to different people, tastes and cultures you meet a lot of interesting people and stumble upon a lot of interesting thing. “What has this guy smoked that makes him ramble like this?”, you might ask. Well nothing to be honest, but this look at life is indirectly responsible for me sitting here writing this first paragraph. And everyone knows first paragraphs are always the hardest. Therefore, let me no longer bore you with my profoundness and allow me to introduce myself first. Continue reading


Introduction: Out of bad comes good.

Before I explain what that cryptic title is all about, let me tell you something about myself first. My name’s Maurice Bergers, 26 years old and I live in Schiedam, a town right next to Rotterdam in the Netherlands. As many if not all of you here, I have an almost unhealthy fascination with things powered by combustion engines, whether it be on two wheels or four. Continue reading