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Mimms Honda Day 2017: Season kickoff!

The weather is getting better, projects are being finished and people are getting excited! Time to wash the cars, get some fuel and drive a lot of kilometers for a car show. Mimms Honda Day was the kick-off of the 2017 season for me. This was a special one in my opinion because I got my CRX back on the road after 2 years and I drove to the UK right away.

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Wide & Fast! Dave’s M&M Honda Racing Integra.

Everyone knows this feeling; you’re at a car event and you’re just looking around but all you see is a lot of cars that would look lovely in an Autostyle folder. Just when you’re about to think all is lost, you’ll find that one car that makes your day and fall in love instantly. Well this is my story about Hondafest and especially about this M&M Honda Racing DC5 Integra. Continue reading


Spotted: K20 powered Honda Civic

We are proud to bring you this special feature of an even more special car. The Honda Civic is one of those cars which get modified a lot in the Japanese car scene. Some people just lower them a bit, buy a nice set of wheels and cruise along. Others rebuiDt it from top to bottom, put in an exclusive engine and modify the interior and exterior to perfection. John Robert McBrien is one of those guys who made his EJ completely conform his taste and desire. Continue reading