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The answer is always Miata

As Allard already mentioned in his recent coverage of the DMPD show in Itterbeck, most of the people attending the show stayed at a local ferienpark for the weekend. Maurice and I, along with some of my Roadster Crew mates, decided to attend this years edition. One of my friends had to work on the Saturday so couldn’t make the main event but told me he would drive over afterwards because he had something to show me. With him being an editor for a few car-related magazines that could mean anything from a Jag to a Nissan Leaf, but when he arrived at our cabin the remarkably familiar sound of a Mazda 4-in-line told me it was neither of the two.
It turns out that Mazda Nederland had given him a brand new Mazda MX-5 ND to test for a weekend, and what better way to test one than on the many b-roads that snake through this part of Germany?
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