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Wangan E.O.Y 2K14 – Little moments that matter

Why do we build cars? Why do we get together for a meeting? Why do we, Wangan Warriors, organize meetings? Why do we do, what we do? For some it’s to show of their rides. For others it’s about hanging out with friends. And we organize meetings to cater the needs of both. Personally I like the latter. For one, my car isn’t exactly finished (and you can call that the understatement of the year!) but more important is the fact that I love the social side of (our) meetings and gatherings. So allow me to show you some of my favorite moments of our 2014 End of year meeting!

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Art of the GT86

It’s easy to agree that us gearheads consider cars or car-projects as art. I myself am absolutely in love with the Toyota GT86 and fortunately I got to drive one myself the other day at Co-ordSport. In the same week I got to photograph one as well at our End of Year meet in Oosterhout and this was a photoshoot which has been on my to do list for some time now. I got in touch with the owner Gunther Lamberts and and agreed that I would spend some quality time with his Toyota at the meet. Continue reading


Oosterhout: Growing bigger and bigger

If you’re into cars, and JDM rides in particular, then there are a few events each year that are highlighted in your agenda. Of course there’s the Season opener in Amersfoort (organized by our great team), DMPD (and all DMPD related events) and of course our very own End of Year meeting in Oosterhout. This year marked the fourth anniversary of an event that grows bigger every year! Continue reading


Meeting: WW13 – The social side

I have to confess something. Actually, a few things. I visit the track dozens of times a year, and I’ve never ever done a lap of Zandvoort in my life. I shoot many drifting events and demos, and I’ve never ever hitched a ride in a drift car. I visit very few meetings each year, and I visit most of them just for the pictures. But the Wangan Warriors meetings are different. They’re mainly a social thing for me, with taking pictures just being a secondary objective. Continue reading


Meeting: End of the Year, beginning of new things

I think we all agree that this day was a succes for all of us. Not only for us as organisation but for every visitor who showed up and had fun with their friends. The day started with quite some rain all over the country but only minutes before official start of the meeting that sunshine came through. Luckily for all of us I guess, I even saw some people walking around in a t-shirt or without a winter jacket. Remember the cold of last years meeting? Continue reading


Meeting #10 Part II

It’s almost a month now since our End of Year meeting in Oosterhout. The year 2011 is literally drawing to an end now and we would like to look back once more to the meeting. We’ve got so many nice reactions on our forum and Facebook. A lot of people posted their online photopages and Youtube slideshows on our Facebook page. Some of the visitors signed up on our forum so thanks for that! Now let’s take another look across the meeting site. Continue reading