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Raising the bar: Meet the Droogsma’s!

You know that feeling when you witness something special for the first time? It penetrates your senses where it leaves a permanent desire. A desire that needs to be fed, that grows over time. It makes you curious and you start a hunt to feed that desire. It’s like a drug because if you’re not careful it will become an addiction.
I guess I haven’t been careful enough because my desire has turned into a full fledged addiction!  Continue reading


Raising the bar – An introduction

We like cars. We like people who work on cars. But we love people who build their cars. Who put their own time, blood, sweat and tears into their cars. So there’s a new entry on the blog:
Raising the bar. Raising the bar will be all about builds that we think are, well, raising the bar! Of course there are enough projects out there that are well executed but the cars that will be featured in raising the bar are not your average projects. These cars (and their owners) deserve their own feature in a special kind of way. So what are builds that are raising the bar? Continue reading