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Baby blue. The Emperador Motorismo S13

If you’ve read my first blog about the Valtonen Motorsport RX­7 a couple weeks ago you probably read that I hoped that that blog wasn’t my last for Wangan Warriors. Luckily for me, here I am with number two! This time I got invited to the WNGN 2K16 event held at an old military terrain near Venray. The forecast for the day was really bad but we did have some good moments to take photos. Continue reading


50 shades of grey

Gatebil. As I mentioned in my event coverage, about everything there is to say or write about it has been written or said. The same goes for the Toyota/Subaru/Scion GT86/BRZ/FRS. In the relatively short time this model is on the market, about anything you can think of in terms of modifications has been done. The funny thing is though that most of the heavily modified GT86’s/BRZ’s/FRS’s seems to either reside in the States or Japan with the odd exception in Europe or Australia. So when I stumbled upon this GT86 I knew I had to feature it!  Continue reading