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Quick stop at JB-Tuning

So here is something I’ve been wanting to share with you guys for a while. A few weeks ago I shared this Work in progress article and told you a little something about our very own Allard’s Rockin’ Roadster. After I captured Allard’s Roadster, he took me to visit JB tuning which was only a 20min drive from his place so I thought it was cool to meet some new faces and discover some projects. Little did I know how awesome the place would be. Continue reading


Car feature: Double trouble

I love doing feature shoots. Getting to know people, making friends and finding out what drives them to do what they do. And I’ve got to thank that little black light capturing device for that! However, the thing I love the most about doing features is the story your subject for day has to tell. In this case two subjects! And I think I’ve got a nice story to tell… Continue reading


Spotlight: Paul’s new drift dress

This is Paul’s new Nissan Silvia S14a. This car was on the market for quite a while and Paul decided to take it under his wing and start his own story with it. I believe that almost everyone who has a passion for the Japanese automotive scene, has a certain weak for drifting. I can’t remember what exactly made me fall in love with the style and flair that goes with it but I guess it’s timeless and magical. Maybe it’s just different from other excisting styles or the common state of affaires in the scene. Continue reading