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JDM sunset at the beach

JDM sunset at the beach is a Japanese car oriented event held at a beautiful location right by the South-West part of the Dutch coast. I was not too sure to make the trip together with my fellow WNGN shooters because we had at least a 2 hour drive and not knowing what we would find on location. Little did I know it was worth making the trip because we had a pretty good evening after all at this meet. Continue reading


Car feature: Gerben’s pride

Here at Wangan Warriors we accept many styles and ways of thinking from the people who visit our meetings, website or forum. If you want to build your car for track use only, that’s fine. If you want to scrape your civic like nobody else does, that’s fine too. Do you like it ghetto style and tie-wrap the sh*t out of it, feel free to do so! Do you like it clean and spend some money on importing wheels from across the globe, why not!? We’re always looking for unique ways of living and approaches of your personals styles and flavours. A perfect example is Gerben’s Impreza  WRX bug-eye. Continue reading


Spotlight: The Barracuda

The theme of my Subaru isn’t just a bunch of stickers and decals randomly put together, it’s a precise copy of the Sherman M4A3 which can be found on the McAullife square in Bastogne. The square has been named after Anthony McAuliffe, commander of the artillery component of the 101st airbrorne division. He spoke the legendary “NUTS!” when the Germans demanded the Americans to surrender, after they were being surrounded in the woods of Bastogne. The square was named Place McAuliffe as a tribute to general McAuliffe after the war. Continue reading


Special feature: A Subaru enthusiast

The thing about automotive enthousiasm is that you’ll find it in every kind of way, generation and even maybe culture. What starts as just an ordinary hobby can blossom into an extensive ardour. The passion you’ll sometimes find in people is almost beyond words. I had the pleasure to meet up with a great rally fan and invited him for a photoshoot and do a little story about him and his Subaru Impreza 2005 WRC look. Continue reading

Kapitein Iglo

Engine and Electronics

2.0 STI Closed Deck shortblock
2.5 STI crankshaft
– Compression raised from 8:1 to 8,9:1
Wiseco pistons
– Eagle conrods
– ARP rod bolts
– ACL rod bearings
– ACL main bearings
– ARP head studs
– Cometic headgaskets
STI air/oil seperation plate
– Legacy Phase II DOHC Single AVCS heads
TD05-S16G Turbo, wrapped in ThermoTec and a turbojacket
Deatschwerks 650CC injectors
Nissan Z32 MAF + custom intake filter adapter
Apexi Power FC + Commander
Cosworth Baffle Plate
3″ scoobysport downpipe
– 2,5″ open midpipe
2,5″ Prodrive backbox
Custom Equal Length echaust headers, wrapped with ThermoTec
JPerformance slipjoint uppipe, wrapped with ThermoTec
– Apexi Power Air Intake
Apexi AVCR
– Apexi RSM
JBI Motorsport Phenolic Manifold spacers
Rally-Tech Phenolic Headertank spacers
Gates strenghtened cambelt
– STI cambelt guides
AEM wideband AFR
Prosport Fuelpressure Gauge
SARD Fuel Pressure Regulator
Custom parralel fuel rails with E85-proof fuel lines
Sytec Motorsport Fuel Filter
Relocated battery to trunk
D1 oil catch tank
– Autobahn88 silicon coolinghoses
– Custom strenghtened Autobahn88 silicon intake hose
NGK PFR7B spark plugs
Kocatuning Custom Watercooled Topmount Intercooler
Samco 4mm vacuum hoses with Mikalor clamps
Mocal oil cooler + Mocal thermostat sandwichplate
Exedy clutch with lightened flywheel 

– BC Racing coilovers 8000/6000
– Powerflex rack bushings
– E-tech Aluminum Strutbrace front
– STI strutbrace rear
– QSP Short shifter
– 205/40/17 Falken FK452 Front and Back
– Genuine STI rear 2-pot brake calipers with 290mm discs
– Axxis Ultimate Ceramic Brakepads front
– Ferodo DS2500 brakepads rear
– HEL braided brake hoses
– SCN brake cilinder brace

QSP Drift 1 seats
– TRS 6-point harness (driver)
– QSP 4-point harness (passenger)
– OMP seatframe adapter
– Sabelt Alu seatframe
– QSP seatrails (driverside)
– All excess weight stripped
– Genuine STI Alu pedals
– Custom PU tuning harness bar
– Custom gaugepod on steeringcolumn
– Custom gaugeholder on steering wheel
Custom alu centerconsole (relocated heatercontrols)
– Custom trunk-firewall
– Genuine STI Type-RA roofvent
Two 2KG fire extinguishers (one in the boot, one next to drivers seat)
– POLI racing steering wheel
– MOMO quick release
– Brembo steering wheel hub (customized to length)
– STRI Gauges (oil pressure, oil temp)
– STRI Shift light
– Flocked upper dashboard
– FIA approved main battery switch with external emergency cable
– Custom made DILDO-shifterknob
– Custom made washertank and pump
Stickerbombed roof
Longacre wideangle rearview mirror

– None

– 17″ OZ Chrono Fat black
– Genuine STI v6 spoiler
– Genuine STI front bumperspoiler with DIY rubber lip
– Genuine STI rearlights
– Genuine 22B hood vents
– Genuine Toyota Prius HYBRID Badge :)
– Yellow H4 lights
– Yellow T10 lights
– Clear sidemarkers
– Clear bumpermarkers
– Clear cornerlights
– Custom debadged grill
– Customized Morette headlights with intakes and H4 units
– Custom matte green wrap with WOII decals
– Custom rubber bumperlip
– Aerocatch hoodlocks