Thank you!

Crazy times! We’ve passed another milestone with Wangan Warriors and it’s a mandatory to share a few words with you and thank all of our fans and followers out there. As the photo above already announces, we’ve just reached 50.000 facebook followers! To me, that’s pretty damn crazy and a great achievement for our club/crew.


I recal when we had only 5k facebook likes and was thinking that it would take ages until we would reach numbers of 20k, 40k,… As we all know by know, these social media chanels can work in mysterious ways and we’ve also experienced how some pages out there literally blew up in a short period of time.


We’ve experienced a steady and fast growth of the page and it’s not easy to maintain a small city with automotive enterntainment but I’m happy to say we have a motivated team at your service to provide you with daily amusement in your Facebook feeds.


It also been our main chanel to promote everything we do, every blog we write, every photo we share and every event we organise or partake. It’s our main source of finding fellow car enthousiasts and a way of reaching a worldwide audience. That’s fun and all, us publishing stuff online but the main thing is that 50k people decided to push that Like button and we thank you for that!


Knowing that so many people take interest in what we do, is making it all worth working for. We’re very proud that so many of you have been paying attention to what we do and what we stand for. That makes us drive those hundreds of kilometers to do photoshoots, spending nights editing, organising events, investing time and money in our website and all our other activities. Eventhough it’s a major milestone, I still believe our best times are yet to come so let’s continue to that 100K mark now shall we?

Thanks you for all your support, we love you!