WNGN 2K16 – The Fast and the Freezing

Aaaah, Springtime! Days are getting longer, nature is blooming and the meeting season starts again. Time for the Warriors to organise WNGN 2K16 on what would hopefully be a sunny springday at the end of April. Well… we’ve had some sunshine but to be honest, we’ve had snow, hail, rain, the lot! 


But like I said, we had some sunny moments as well and luckily there were some pretty decent cars that graced our event with a visit!

IMG_9692 WW

The indoor area was meant for pre-selected rides only and I think there was a nice mix of everything. From bagged scoobies…

IMG_9558 WW

… to some high horsepower rides that looked like they came straight from the famous C1 loop! By the way, I hope to feature this gorgeous bayside blue BNR34 V-Spec II pretty soon so keep an eye out for that one on the blog!

IMG_9611 WW

Another car that you’ll be seeing more of soon is Mario’s 700+ BHP MKIV Supra.
It has more of an American style vibe to it and to say it’s a clean car is truly an understatement. Again, keep your eyes peeled on our blog!

IMG_9639 WW

Of course there was more to WNGN 2K16 than just the indoor area but they both had a few things in common; diversity and quality!

IMG_9772 WW

I’ve seen some great rides attending our meetings and I think the best so far has been our WNGN event at the Vasim in Nijmegen in 2014 but WNGN 2K16 is a close second!

IMG_9590 WW

Something that also struck was the fact that a lot of cars from Belgium and Germany found their way to WNGN 2K16. There have been foreign visitors at prior meetings but it’s good to see their numbers growing every event…

IMG_9648 WW

… and with growing numbers come new faces and my favorite new face was Lars his R33 “Le Mans tribute” GTS-T! It shows that you can get a great result if you put some thought into a build!

IMG_9798 WW

But like I said, there where a lot of great builds present and on a personal note…

IMG_9561 WW

It made me proud to see so many great rides make it to WNGN 2K16 despite the bad weather!

IMG_9715 WW

I’d like to finish this little WNGN 2K16 with a big thanks to the guys at Stickerdump
for always attending our meets with the freshest stickers and newest NewEra caps!

IMG_9520 WW

Also a big thanks to Marinus for premiering the JT Performance / ECU Master Time Attack Supra at WNGN 2K16! She’s a stunner for sure and this car will also grace the blog with a full feature once it’s completely finished.

IMG_9546 WW

Fast cars, cold weather. WNGN 2K16 was for the Fast and Freezing.
We’ll see you soon at a Wangan Warriors event near you!

– Allard van Grafhorst
Additional (bonus) shots by Stijn van Beek

IMG_9705 WW
IMG_9693 WW
IMG_9683 WW
IMG_9697 WW
IMG_9665 WW
IMG_9586 WW
IMG_9537 WW
IMG_9523 WW
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