Twenty Fourteen: My moments

Twenty fourteen is over. It became somewhat of a tradition for us to revise the year and look back at some of our adventures and that’s exactly what I’m about to do. It’s actually been a busy twelve months for me and thinking back there is a lot to talk about. I traveled to some amazing places in Europe and met a lot of new people. It’s weird to think how fast time has passed because some events, trips or photoshoots just feel like yesterday. Luckily there are lots of good memories to talk about so let’s get started!


My season started right away in January with the New Year endurance race at the Zandvoort Circuit. The only time I attended Zandvoort in 2013 was at the European Time Attack Masters and surprisingly I shot some of my favourite portraits during that event. I aimed to at least top some of my best shots of that event and I was happy I did just that. It was a positive start regarding my photography.


I already started doing car shoots halfway through January because we had a really soft winter without snow and there was a project around which I wanted to shoot really bad for some time. I met up with Carlo to capture his Datsun Skyline C210, a project which we would be seeing a lot during the season.

Rockin' Roadster Allard

My buddy Allard started his Rockin’ Roadster project in the beginning of the year and I decided to visit him almost right away. Somewhere in February, when there was nothing else to do or shoot, I thought it would be nice to hang out in his workshop together with his project buddy Jack to shoot the birth of this project. At this stage they were only dismantling parts and checking the state of the shell.

JB Tuning

Allard took me with him to visit the guys at JB Tuning and I discovered some more projects. It was nice to talk to some familiar faces that afternoon, because in one way or another we all crossed each other’s paths before. It was a nice experience because I thought I’d only meet new people there.


I also went to visit my good friend Tim Lust over at Driftparts in February because he has been working on an insane turbo setup which I really needed to see with my own eyes. This is one of those projects I never seem to keep pace with so everytime I see Tim he has the most incredible novelties and plans with his project. I love that dedication!


This was the same period we started promoting our BIG event for 2014 so we did a little promotion meet at the Vasim in Nijmegen. Unfortunately this location became a no-go for automotive activities because there was too much trouble with harassment and small events at the location after our event. It’s a damn shame!

Rienk Toyota Supra

Halfway through March, Maurice and I drove cross country to capture a couple of projects for the website. I was very excited to shoot the Supra of Rienk because this is one of those hidden projects only a few people know of. The owner doesn’t really show off what he’s got but it’s still an insane beast which I’m happy to have captured.


At the end of March I was invited to come along with Wouter Vallen of Co-ordSport NL. to visit HKS and Co-ordSport HQ in England. It was nice to meet these guys and hang out for a day or two before we made our way back south again with a few recreational stops here and there.


We stayed a night in Oxford where we dined at one of the Jamie Oliver restaurants, checked out the Heritage Car Center, visited a GTR track day at Silverstone and headed back home after. Even though this was a working visit for Wouter, we still had a lot of fun being on the road in his R33 GTR.


After that, the last weeks of preparation were in order for our big #WNGN event. We invited friends from all over and Kai Dörge decided to drive all the way from Leipzig to Nijmegen for our event. We couldn’t be more humbled by his dedication.


I believe we put together a nice selection of cars at the indoor area of the location. Some of the cars were the eye catchers of many previous events, others had never seen the light of day before. So owners worked so hard to make it to the event and reveal their cars. We really have one cool scene over here!


After the event I decided to take a short break from blogging because I wanted to work on my own portfolio and take a step back. That didn’t last long, of course, because two weeks later I went to Hondafest. There was quite some buzz around this event which made me curious to go check it out. I was happy to see some of our forum projects and meet some new people from the UK.


After that I didn’t capture or write anything until we went to Sweden for Gatebil at Mantorp Park. I was so excited to do this trip because this has been on my bucket list for quite some time.


This is one of those events where you capture projects and levels of action which you usually don’t see here in The Netherlands. There is something amazing about the Swedish car culture and after reading and hearing about it so many times it was time to go over there myself.


This was an absolute highlight for me this year. I’m very much looking forward to the coming season because I hope to be able to make it to Gatebil at Mantorp Park and the main event at Rudskogen in Norway as well.

IMG_5231 m

Next up was the N24, the ultimate endurance. I was very excited to meet our new addition of our blog crew, Bill Jefferies. Maurice an he planned to walk around the track during the night and I was happy to spend a couple of hours with him and get to know eachother.


If there is someone who worked his ass off for this website this year, then it’s Bill! Sadly I had to go home early because of work but there are plenty more adventures to hang out together next season.


Last summer we had some very nice weather and we spent a couple of evenings with Wangan Warriors and friends. These casual evenings are always too quickly forgotten between all the activities around the club as a website and organisation. I hope we’ll find some peace and calmness for more of these moments this coming season.


After the summer I did take the break I planned to take earlier this year. I didn’t write or shoot automotive stuff until the end of September at DMPD Finest. Unfortunately the main DMPD event was canceled so I was very happy I attended this one. I shot a couple of sick projects at this event and got some cars on my radar that I’ve never seen before.


I was also happy to get in touch with Aaron after Hondafest earlier this year because I really wanted to shoot his EK4 as well and that finally happened at DMPD Finest. It was a very productive day because after my ‘break’ I managed to get three articles out of the event. I was happy to be back in business.


In October Alex and I went to the Nürburgring Drift Cup. This was a first time event for myself but Alex has been following the event since the very beginning. I was glad that he invited me with some of his regular NDC buddies to come along. It was great to get to know the drivers and the people of the organisation.


This is one of those events that I want to follow closely during the next season. It was great to experience a new drift scene which is so close to home for me. There are only a few real big league drift events that close but I definitely consider the NDC as one of them. I’m looking forward to how it all will evolve, I’ll be there to capture it!


I visited the Nürburgring quite often this year because I’m still working on this ‘secret’ photoproject which probably is not that secret anymore. My goal has been to do a proper photo exhibition of my best Nürburgring photos. I’m happy to say that I’m really closing in on my desired result but there are still some shots missing.


I rather spend way more time perfecting a project such as this and actually amaze people with something I’ve created. It’s also not easy to work on this project because I really have to be in a relaxed state of mind to get the creativity going. In this project there will be nothing like a quick photo, take my word for it!


Another highlight for our club was the End of Year meet in Oosterhout. We managed to have a record amount of cars and people present and we’re grateful for all the club friends who helped out in making this a great succes. This day was a real great end of our season.


The last thing I did this season was visit Allard and his Rockin’ Roadster. You can read in one of my latest articles how this project is doing. I was happy that I visited him just before the year was over and that’s also the last I captured with my 5DMKII.

It’s been a great twelve months with in the middle a little break which I thought I needed but looking back on what I’ve captured I think this has been a succesful and active year for myself and for Wangan Warriors. I’d like to thank everyone who was part of my twenty fourteen and I hope I can bring you more madness in the coming twelve months! See you out there!