Wangan E.O.Y 2K14 – Little moments that matter

Why do we build cars? Why do we get together for a meeting? Why do we, Wangan Warriors, organize meetings? Why do we do, what we do? For some it’s to show of their rides. For others it’s about hanging out with friends. And we organize meetings to cater the needs of both. Personally I like the latter. For one, my car isn’t exactly finished (and you can call that the understatement of the year!) but more important is the fact that I love the social side of (our) meetings and gatherings. So allow me to show you some of my favorite moments of our 2014 End of year meeting!

IMG_7576 WW

It’s amazing to think that this has been our fifth annual End of year meeting in a row at the Oosterhout venue. It’s also amazing that a small group of friends started this tribe called Wangan Warriors with the idea to have fun and get together every now and then. It’s even more amazing to see how this idea has grown over time and has resulted in a professional looking blog and forum and that the same people are still throwing meetings. Only a little bigger! I’m blessed and humbled to work with such a team and to call them my friends.

IMG_7588 WW

Every year this meeting grows bigger and bigger and after causing a somewhat of a traffic last year it was clear we needed more help. Luckily we have made some loyal followers friends amongst our regular visitors and one of them is Barry, who was more than willing to help us out with guiding everything in the right direction. The tattoo should give you a clue In case you don’t know what car he’s driving.

IMG_7602 WW

The most exciting part of a meet for me is when cars start rolling in and the whole thing is about to kick off…

IMG_7703 WW

… and when the dust settles…

IMG_7585 WW

… and all the cars seem to have found their spot…

IMG_7589 B&W WW

… that’s when the fun really the starts. That’s when I start looking for those little moments that matter. Moments that can make or break a meeting for me personally because let’s face it! It’s not “just” about cars. Really, it isn’t! For me it’s moments like this; my buddy Remy decided to show of his beautiful daughter Day instead of his Honda. Can you blame him?

IMG_7577 WW

Or that moment I spotted Patrick aka Palle, my German brother from another mother, whom I hadn’t seen in a couple months!

IMG_7671 WW

And then there was the moment I spotted my all time favorite chassis, the BNR32, in combination with one of my all time favorite wheels, the Nismo LMGT-1.

IMG_7675 WW

Another great moment was when I saw my buddy Charles aka the King of fitment looking in awe at that same BNR32. Now this particular R32 was enough reason alone to be amazed but there’s more to it than just that. You see, Charles recently moved from the U.S of A to our humble little country for his job. Charles himself is well known in the L.A  automotive scene but R32’s weren’t legal in the states until very recently! So of course this was a nice chance for him to have an up close and personal encounter with one of Japans finest vehicles!

IMG_7630 WW

But there where so many more moments that I could share with you…

IMG_7658 WW

… that it would be impossible to fit them all into one blog!

IMG_7798 FB

But I think you get the idea by now. Like I said, it’s not all “just” about cars despite the fact that they are a big part of my everyday life. It’s the cars that bind us,…

IMG_7757 WW

… that unite us in our believes, our struggles, our every day lives, …

IMG_7642 WW

… in our passion: the love for Japanese cars and culture…

IMG_7696 WW

… and thanks to all that we make those special moments happen! Those little moments that matter!

IMG_7805 WW

So on behalf of the whole crew, and Jeremy Clarkson in particular; Thank you for attending our meets, reading our blogs and sharing your special moments with us!

We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you!

– Allard van Grafhorst


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