Wangan Warriors: What a year

I don’t know where to start with this blog. A lot has happened in 2011. In 2010 we’ve decided to restructure our website and restyle the club logo. Since we have some graphic designers, photographers, webdesigners and a couple of inventive individuals within the Wangan Warriors family, we thought it wouldn’t be a problem to realise this big change. As a matter of fact it did take a few months until everything was discussed, designed, organised and set for the release of the new website style and forum.
We also launched a new blog where we want to show you people some stuff that’s going on regarding the Japanese car scene in and around the Netherlands. Now, less than one year after the rebirth of the site we’ve featured some cool events and cars. We’ll show you some more blog highlights and plans for the site in an upcoming blog. For now, let’s talk about Wangan Warriors.

To begin with, most of us love projects and all the excitement and challenges that come with a build up of any car. In this photo you see John a.k.a. Skippy working on his RB25DET powered R32. At that moment we had just hoisted in the RB25 into the engine bay and finished up for that day. This year it will shine again like never before.

Johan, better known as the Barracuda or Kaptain Iglo is someone who has experienced many ups and downs in the past year but he has the character to continue until his goal is reached.

Patience and skill is the key to the succes of his project. Imagine that you have to wrap your own car with no practice what so ever. His Impreza has it’s very own story told in this blog

Two projects could continue after the break down of this AE86. All the component parts are used for the KP61 project of Kay and the AE86 you see in the back of Patrick. Both project cars have a lot of rust, as soon as that is fixed, the build up can start.

Dirty hands like these will do the trick!

Peter is a busy guy with his S13. Always looking for improvement and always sparkling with is flaked purple paint job. Lovely!

Noud a.k.a. Kypski did quite some laps on the Nordschleife this year. His driving skills improved a lot in my opinion. His RB25DET powered S13 is getting some love in the garage and will definitely burn rubber again in 2012.

Given that a certain quantity of Wangan Warriors is addicted to the Nurburgring and its environment, we’ve spent a lot of tiime over there in 2011. Besides the weekend and daytrips, some of us stayed there for a week this summer. Lovely holiday houses like these made our stay, whenever we weren’t cruising around or driving the track, very pleasant.

Kay made sure his daily driven Civic was track-ready for that holiday. It was a joy to see another Wangan Warrior on the famous Nürburgring.

This photo represents our love for that famous track. If we weren’t on it then we could spend hours watching cars come by and talk about it. Maybe even spot some cars to photograph when they roll up the parking area. Well captured by Noud.

Imported from Ireland, the latest Wangan Warriors project. Rob bought this S15 and decided to sell his S14a after years of fun with it. The S15 will be running a RB25DET.

Wangan Warriors has also welcomed two new members this year. Bob’s Glanza has almost 200bhp to move that light car around the corners.

Ruud also joined the family with his Supra. This one is already sold and Ruud is looking for another Japanese beauty to replace it with.

Most of us take projects very seriously and modify their cars a lot. Others keep it simple with a set of coilovers and some small ajustments. After all we’re one big family that shares ideas, creativity, knowledge, love for cars and friendship.

There’s enough to talk about regarding every project within Wangan Warriors. Just follow us on Facebook to stay updated with all the changes. One thing is certain; projects are going to being finished, blogs will be written along with some nice photography and the Japanese car scene will be represented by us in 2012.
We’ll see you guys out there!

– Rens Adams

Photography by Rens Adams, Noud Fieten, Vincent Roos, Paul Krauth and Peter Graansma