What´s 2019 gonna bring?!

“This year is going to be so much better then last year!”. But is it going to be so much better? And what makes it a good year?

Before looking forward to this year I want to look back to a rough year of 2018. A year I only wrote two blogs for Wangan and barely touched my camera. A year we only published a total of six blogs.

2018 is also the year I first visited a 24H race, and not just some 24H race. With my good friend Bruno I went to the legendary N24, the 24H of the Nürburgring. The most dangerous racetrack in  the world. Unfortunately I didn’t have media accreditation but nonetheless I had a lot of fun!

Seeing the cars drive true the night is just an awesome experience and it creates the chance for some unique photos! For anyone who has not been there yet, visit this event! It’s not just the race, but the whole week is all about the N24!

After the N24 I got the chance to see the Spoon NSX-R in the flesh at Circuit Meppen. An iconic car all the way from Japan. The guys from Spoon Europe and Spoon Japan were very hospitable and gave me the chance to make a full photo coverage of the day. I hope to see this car again in the future when I’ll visit the Spoon factory.

My second blog in 2018 was about Jesse his Civic. This was already during the fall of 2018. Luckily we had some amazing weather and I took some decent photos. It is always fun to meet new people, see cool cars and visit some amazing places. This photo was taken at a very small harbor in the province Zeeland, such a cool place!

Beside the mainland events I also went to some events in the UK. These events are very different from the ones that we are used to. They are always top quality and it is always cool to catch up with some overseas friends.

The first event was Mimms Honda Day at Rockingham Motor Speedway. Show and shine, dyno or tracktime, everything you could ask for. A few weeks later I went to Japanese Performance Show, an indoor Japanese car show. The diversity and quality of the cars is just insane! Both of these events are worth making the trip!

This is a special one. This 350Z has a story, in 2018 it went all the way to the Sema Show in Las Vegas. Unfortunatly I didn’t have any time to write a blog about this car. Hopefully I can finish it this year!

So what are the plans for 2019? There are some events I want to visit this year. I hope to get media accreditation for the N24 and maybe visit an other 24H event! I hope 2019 will be the year that I find some more spare time to visit some cool events, find some cool cars for the blog and enjoy driving my CRX on the racetrack.

And maybe we will host a Wangan Warriors event this year….

Hope to see you in 2019!

– Stijn van Beek

Bonus images: