#WNGN is coming

Allow me to tell a little story about how we ended up organising a big event like WNGN. It crossed everyone’s minds before to host a big event with Wangan Warriors. We’ve even made plans in the past and worked out ideas to host something bigger than our regular meets. After teaming up with the organisation of DMPD and hosting Wangan meets which were visited by hundreds of people, it was about time to start organising the biggest Japanese static car event possible. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting one of our meets you’ll probably think you have an idea what to expect but let me tell you that we’re aiming higher than your expectations!


Our latest meet was the well known End of Year meet in Oosterhout and it was a real eye opener that we genuinely have to step it up and with stepping it up I don’t mean just move to a bigger location. We will be fully decorating the location, providing our visitors with a lot of entertainment, make sure participation and interaction is key during the event. Above all we want to have a relaxed and laid back mood among all the visitors and organisation.


The most important thing is just to attend the event wether your car is running or not. Ride shotgun with your friend or take the bus and head over to Nijmegen because this is something you don’t want to miss. The event location The Vasim is a cultural meetingplace for artists, performers, dancers and other creative professionals. It has one large hall available for events or parties and the space around the building is so awesome and huge that it’s the perfect decor for a static car event.


The indoor area will display some of the most amazing cars of the event. Please don’t be disappointed if you’re not invited for the indoor area because there is limited room in the hall of the Vasim building so the main part of the event will take place on the outdoor areas surrounding the building. Soon you’ll find out more information about how to sign up for the indoor selection. Don’t worry, you’ll know very soon.


Bacause of the exclusive and unique location we have to rent the place for two days and this is the biggest expense for the organisation. Therefore we’re asking a humble amount of 10,- as entrance fee from every visitor. Believe me you’ll get a lot for it in return!


You have the chance to win a Takata bucket seat worth of € 730,- by participating in a raffle. There will be a lot more to win in the event lottery and we’ll keep you updated with some of the many awesome goodies you can win during the event. There is nothing much you have to do for it, just come to the event, buy some tickets and if you’re lucky you’ll go home with some cool stuff.


We’re welcoming makes and types of all the Japanese car brands and companies, so wether you’re planning to bring your tuning company’s drifter or your father’s LFA, please come over. It’s key to show the world a large diversity of styles and flavours with the highest amount of mutual respect among the visitors.


There is a lot more to arrange and prepare for the event so it might just be that we’re not able to give answers to all the questions. You just have to check the #WNGN website or the event page on facebook every once in a while and you’ll be updated with the latest information and developments.


Keep checking in for the latest news and tell all your friends about #WNGN. Feel free to promote the event because we might have a large amount of followers through our blog and Facebook page but we can’t reach everybody unfortunaltely. We hope to see you all in Nijmegen on the 27th of April!


Below you’ll find some practical info about the event:

Where? The Vasim Nijmegen / Winselingseweg 41 6541 Nijmegen The Netherlands
When? April 27 2014 / Doors open 11:00
Who? All Japanese car brands are welcome / Open for visitors
Entrance? 10,- per visitor

Do’s and Don’ts
Do – Respect the organisation
Do – Respect all the visitors
Do – Follow instructions
Do – Enjoy yourself
Don’t – Burn out or revving
Don’t – Use loud stereo installations
Don’t – Drift on location