WNGN is coming and we want you!

WNGN has become our brandname for events over the past couple of years. Organised, controlled and created by this little group still called Wangan Warriors. I believe we’ve reached many highs over the years and none of that would have been possible without the people visiting our events and the many readers we currently have worldwide.


As April 24th is closing fast, we hope many of you decide to make the trip to our event, wherever you’re from, we want to see many nationalities represented at WNGN in Venray! We hope that some of you reading this are new to our events and decide to come over. We love new faces and new cars!


Why don’t you make a nice day out of it? Get together with a couple of friends the day before, have a BBQ and cruise to Venray with your squad the next morning. Meet up with people on the way over and get together at a petrol station so that you and your friend arrive together.


We do not only want this to be a fun and successful day for us as organisers and club, but we want this to be an even more amazing day for you people. A day full of fun, some food, a nice cruise, a laugh with friends or making new friends, you name it, you’re in charge!


Please do remember we have a couple of simple house rules which the vast majority of our visitors always respect. These rules are simple: No loud or overly present audio because we will play some nice music on location. No effusive noise means no revving or exhaust show off either. Save you’re engine for a nice track day! Please leave your rubber on your tyres and not on the tarmac at our location so that means no burn-outs or skids. Just as every event, safety is of high importance so manage yourself and try not to speed at any point. And last but most importantly, always respect the organisation.


If these rules are simply followed we will all enjoy a nice spring day full of enthousiasm and joy. We are looking forward to seeing you all!

Wangan Warriors

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