Work in progress: Rockin’ Roadster

Rockin’ Roadster, the latest Wangan Warriors project is born and will be built by our very own passionate Allard van Grafhorst. Let’s just say although this project is in its early hours, I can tell you first hand that it will kick ass! The good people at I.L. Motorsport provided Allard with an old MX5 shell which must be the best Christmas present a gearhead can get. Last Saturday I decided to pay Allard a visit at his family’s workshop and see what he was up to.


You’re reading an article of our new theme called ‘Work in progress’ and it simply states that we will show you how projects are progressing. It might be a project you don’t know, projects you’re wondering about where they’re at or maybe even your own project car. That’s right, we might even knock on your door! This is a theme which will get some attention because we usualy show the end product but this time we’re showing you the road to it. Excited yet? No? Well that’s too bad because I already have 4 projects to share with you!


Okay, back to Rockin’ Roadster it is for now. Allard has big plans, but to achieve those plans it has to start somewhere right? Right now RR is nothing more than a shell ready to be restored and repainted. All the stock parts are removed and dismantled for replacement or revision. The engine will be rebuilt by the well known Hans Schilders and Allard assures me that if you think you know a lot about MX5’s, Mr. Schilders probably knows more.


RR is at the stage where all the hard work has to be done. Eventhough it’s hard work we’ll always manage to make eachother laugh at any given moment though so it might be physical hard work but in the end it’s pleasure and satisfaction in its purest form when tinkering on our projects.


You might think that’s Clark Kent in this photo but it’s just Jack van der Linden who is Allard’s project buddy. The reason I’m referring to Superman is because if Allard can’t get some bolt loose, Jack can get it done. And yes people, that means that Jack has superpowers and he looks like Clark Kent. Superman reborn?


I have the feeling that this is going to be a one of a kind project because Allard tells me that he wants to fabricate stuff himself as much as possible. He’s planning to make a front splitter, dashboard, rear diffuser, front fenders and a spoiler by himself. And since this will be the first time for Allard, he thinks that there will be many projects with better finishing touches, but I think that just that will make the Rockin’ Roadster unique so go for it Allard!


No workspace with a Roadster project is complete without the brand new I.L. Motorsport calender on the wall. Most of the photowork in this calender is done by Rutger van Vredendaal who will be helping Allard out with covering the 2014 MaX5 Cup. When Allard is not able to cover the MaX5 rounds, Rutger will be covering the race exclusively for Wangan Warriors. Allard also wants to try and race a few rounds in the Time Attack competition.


You’ll be updated regularly through all the social media channels of how Rockin’ Roadster is doing and when there is a load work done we’ll share another ‘Work in progress’ article with you guys so keep checking in! I’m looking forward capturing this project and whitness how everything evolves. Allard wants to thank everyone who has been helping him so far and especially the people at I.L.!

Does anybody have any idea which project we’ll be showing next?