Car feature: A real Bippu bosu!

As a worshiper of the JDM lifestyle I absorb anything that comes from Japan. And I do mean ANYTHING! It’s a good thing that a lot of people with Japanese cars are staying true to the Japanese way of modifying but what really gets my heart racing is seeing a car in Holland that looks like it came straight from, let’s say, Daikoku Futo. And let me tell you, this car got my pulse racing for sure!

The car in question is a ’99 Nissan Gloria Ultima and it’s the only one in Holland. In fact, I’ve been told it’s the only one in mainland Europe! One thing is sure; it’s the only Gloria riding around in true Bippu fashion. But what is Bippu?

Bippu or VIP Style is the art of modifying Japanese luxury automobiles to make them lower in stance and wider looking with wide aggressive wheels, suspension, and body kits. The majority of cars used are big, rear wheel drive saloons but the last few years it’s not uncommon in Japan to see Kei cars or (mini)vans rolling around like VIP’s. Originally it was the Yakuza who started modifying big saloons and limousines to avoid detection by the police. Later on the style was adopted by the common man.

Arthur, the owner of this black beauty, is a familiar face when it comes to JDM cars. He started out with a R33 GTS-T which he imported himself but as the R33 got more common on Dutch soil he decided it was time for something completely different. Something unique and never seen before.

Getting the car in Holland was one thing, making it even more unique a second. Arthur wasted no time ordering parts from Japan and the U.S to give it that Bippu style. One of the first things you notice is the Instant Gentleman bodykit, produced by Supermade Japan. it’s a really clean piece of kit and sets the car of really nice.

Wheels can make or break a car. In my opinion Arthur couldn’t have made a better choice! The Volk Racing GTM wheels are 19 inch, 8,5J wrapped in Bridgestone Potenza’s 225/35 in front and 10,5J at the back and those are wrapped in Achilles ATR sports 245/35. The front brakes are replaced with 350Z calipers up front and 300zx calipers in the back. The calipers were completely refurbished before being placed on fresh EBC disks. 

There are so many little details on the car that you really need to see this car in the flesh to soak it all up. The exhaust for example is completely stock but a friend of Arthur made a new end trim which suits the back bumper so much better. The wheel nuts are KICS. type R40 NeoChro which Arthur also imported from Japan. The stock intercooler peaking from behind the left front wheel…
Well, that just made for a cool shot! 

The engine remains stock as well except for a K&N replacement filter. But the VQ30DET is potent enough in stock form and big power is not something Arthur wanted for this build.

There aren’t many coilovers available for this car and the ones in Japan are usually pretty expensive. Luckily Megan Racing in the states had a complete adjustable set which not only give the car a decent drop but also a very smooth ride! While cruising around I barely felt any bumps and that’s exactly what you want with a build like this. 

Camber is a must for every VIP inspired car so to achieve this, a set of Megan Racing camber arms was ordered together with the coilovers. You’ve probably seen some Oni-cambered videos or photo’s from Japan but Arthur wanted to keep the car drivable on Dutch roads…

… and the result is a car that not only sports the right amount of camber but also the perfect VIP stance! There are more outrageous builds in Japan but I like the more functional Bippu cars and this one is right up my alley.

The interior remains almost untouched but what more do need? Big fluffy carpets, extremely comfy seats and being an Ultima model it means you have every option available.

Getting a JDM import means that you have to learn Japanese at some point. Luckily Arthur found some brochures with some form of explanation on how everything works in the interior.
Another little detail is the rearview camera Arthur got trough ebay Japan! This was only available as aftermarket option and actually pretty rare for this model back in 99.

So there you have it; A true Bippu car in Holland! You can keep your Ferrari’s and Lambo’s. Once you’ve seen this thing roll past you will fall in love instantly! Just like I have! <3 P.S The car is currently for sale for 15K euro. So for more information (or if someone needs a needs a new kidney or lung!) send me a message on our FB page or on the forum. - Allard van Grafhorst