Events: DMPD Finest and more

DMPD, by now a phenomenon, loved by many, liked by more and lived by those who were lucky enough to be present at some or maybe all of these wonderful events. While I’m writing it feels that I’m starting this article with some kind of closure of a chapter but it’s not what it seems though. We have a lot more to come of these sick events. We thought it was a good idea to save up some content for a little later in the year so we can review some of the cool stuff we came across during the DMPD events.

With the DMPD driftjam and the Chill & Grill on our agenda it’s quite obvious that there will follow a lot more coverage and photoshoots. We’re even at a point that we have too mucht so that’s why we plan our content throughout a longer period.

And let’s be honest, the cool photoshoots that our crew did along the road are quite timeless and we’re therefore not in a hurry to publish them one after another. We do keep you posted with some cool teasers in our wallpaper posts and on facebook which shows that they’re coming for you but the only question is when? You’ll have to check in on the Wangan Warriors blogs to know.

We’re in a little transition at the moment which I can’t tell you too much about but you’ll find out soon enough. You might have noticed that our blog crew has gained a little weight with two new crewmembers. That means more content, more styles, more fun, more photography.

Let’s walk through some stuff what we will be posting in the future. Ever since I laid eyes on Daniel’s Aristo, I was sold. The first time was back in september 2011 which seems ages ago by now. At that time we started with our Like card policy: Sick japanese car? You’ll get one of these!

Back then I had no clue of what the Aristo would go through throughout the next couple of years. By now it’s definitely one of my favourite cars in our humble Dutch scene. It’s funny that two years ago you come across a project like this and two years later you become pretty close friends with the owner. Although that friendship has nothing to do with the cars anymore if you ask me but with a mutual sence of humor, interests and… a horse head?

That brings us to another cool project which I discovered a little bit more recent. Aram’s 3S-GE Beams powered AE86. There is something about these classics that never gets boring or old. They even get cooler by the day. A lot of work was put into this project and as you can guess, we will elaborate a little more in a full feature some time soon.

So DMPD is a place to get together and get your mind straight for a day. Eventhough we’re running around to get the shots we want, a day like this can be relaxing and fun of course. At the DMPD show I spotted this 350Z and I was happy to see the Fairlady also at Finest. We met the owner Jack and offered him a photoshoot for our blog. That has never been turned down and Jack wasn’t about to start either. Soon more as you might have guessed again!

It was also nice to hang around with our new crewmember Maurice Bergers. Things went pretty quick with Maurice after I met him at the DMPD show. In some way I was impressed by his photoskills and processing style and had a gut feeling that this guy belonged to our crew.

Luckily he accepted our offer and by now it already feels like he has been with us for ages. I like shots like these, it shows that Maurice is not only noticing all the details of a car but he’s also aware of the behind the scenes moments. While I was looking for the best point of view for a long distance composition, Maurice noticed it and captured the moment. I like that!

As I was saying the day was purely for relaxation and photo/video shoots. We found a pretty cool location on the airbase which gave amazing light contrast for photographs.

It took us a while to asses if Rajesh’ Integra would make it over the small thresshold at the entrance of the bunker. Which normally wouldn’t be a problem but with the lowness of this Integra it needed some guidance to get inside.

We had some nice rollingshot opportunities and Maurice nailed these shots as well. As you can see Rajesh has a very nice fitment and he recently changed the rear wheels from 8inch to 9inch wide. It looks sick right now!

Again a nice behind the scenes moment captured by Maurice. Yours truly capturing Aram’s AE86.

As you’ve noticed in one of the previous shots in this article, we had a nice father/son moment on the base as well. We captured the old and new generation 86’s which gives a nice contrast on the photos.

It wasn’t that busy at DMPD Finest but that wasn’t the point at all. The chill atmosphere at events like these can’t be compared with any other event I’ve visited. It’s all about the laid back and casual vibe and lifestyle, I can’t stress it enough. You’ll have to experience it yourself one time!

I would like to thank the organisation again for another unforgetable DMPD day! If we wouldn’t have these, life would be a lot more boring, I’ll tell you that much. A big thanks and shout out to our newest crewmember Maurice Bergers for providing some nice photographs for this article. Keep an eye on this fellow. Feel free to leave a comment in the section below. We have a new comment system so you don’t have to wait for comment approval anymore but you can sign up directly with your facebook account.

See you out there some time soon!

– Rens Adams