DUMPd 2012: What do we have to say!?

Here is our third and last blog post about one of the best meetings in The Netherlands ever! This time we will also zoom in on the wrapped cars at DUMPd. First things first though, how did this day take off?

When I arrived around 7:30 am, at the Enka factory there where just a few visitors and the exhibitors were really busy building up there booths.

Also at that moment of time, the 7Tune stage was empty, waiting for his DJ, who produced some really good music.

When the first cars arrived the day started! From here the organisation started building up the setup of awesome cars.

But I told you to zoom in on the wrapped cars, so here we go. I picked the colour green. Why? We don’t see this colour that often, but I did at DUMPd. Three of the four cars were fitted with some fantastic army livery. We all know this Subaru, owned by Wangan Warriors member Johan.

Followed by this van.

And we have this low MX-5 on steelies.

Last but not least, this VW Golf. Also wrapped in dark green.

What I liked about DUMPd was the diversity of cars. Japanese, European with different styles. From clean to rat look, everything was represented.

I also would like to show you a picture of two Wangan Warriors cars, owned by Wesley and Peter.

As seen in the previous blog, our friends from The JDM Club of Sweden handed out their Nordic Appreciation Award….

……to the owner of this VW Golf with one of the most cleanest engine bays.

This Ford Capri came over from Belgium. Isn’t it fantastic!?

When we are talking about older, great looking, cars, we can’t forget this beauty. Skyline C210.

Adam Zillin from 7tune came a long way for this event. He travelled all the way from Japan for this event.

I would like to thank everybody who made this event happen. I couldn’t image a better Saturday!

– Vincent Roos