Events: DUMPD Drift Jam!

It has been a while since I enjoyed myself as much as I did during the DUMPD Drift Jam. It couldn’t have been a better day to have some fun on a drifttrack and enjoy eachothers company. As you well know by now, there are a few promotional events being held to promote DUMPD 2013. Earlier this year we covered the photo/video meeting to shoot some work we could use as promotion material. This time the organisation decided to set up a small drift event at the Weeze airport. I had never been there before but I must say seeing the hangars and bunkers, impressed me. This is just more than a parking area used for drifting but it’s an absolute amazing location for these kind of events.

When I arrived at the location I drove into this hangar where the drivers could set up and prepare their cars for the action. I was quite early so there weren’t many people yet.

It’s always a suprise what kind of cars and people show up. I had no clue of what cars I would be shooting during the day but I was pleasantly suprised by the outcome.

It was cool to see a few cars which I only saw on various social media chanels and the S14a of Bjorn Berkers was one of them. I shot this car many times before its exterior transformation but not yet how it is today.

A few well known companies made an appearance. Its nice to see the turnout of the team. They not only participate in the Time Attack races but it’s awesome to see them show up on our meetings and smaller events as well.

It has been a long time that I’ve seen or heard anything of ATS Imports. For the record, that has nothing to do with the company itself because it’s running great! Actually the last time was years ago when fellow Wangan Warrior Noud needed his new RB engine registrated. The owner Raymond van Vliet took care of that back then.

I was pretty stoked to hear that the company showed up at the Drift Jam with a pretty amazing car. You will read a little more about the LS2 powered R33 skyline in a coming spotlight blog.

As the rest of the crew arrived it was time to set up the tents and hang the promotion flags of the sponsors. During the preparations, the drivers changed their tyres and did some last minute fixes to their cars. I think this logo design looks great. Fresh, casual and striking.

It slowly seemed that everything was set up, goodies were handed out, wheels were changed and people became acquainted with eachother.

Co-organiser Michiel did a briefing for the drivers, explained the safety rules and answered some questions so that everybody was on the same page.

It was also friendly of him to introduce the present photographers for the event. This is something that actually never happens. Please bear in mind that we’re doing our best to provide the coverage as quickly als possible but we’re all working fulltime jobs so it can take some time.

The cars were lined up and ready for some action. The weather was lovely, the track was wet and ready to be sliden on.

I love to see some forum members going sideways on the track.

It seemed like Kevin had loads of fun with his AE86.

As much as I love to see and capture some action, my focus wasn’t on that in particular. To be honest, days like these should be captured as they are and that’s relaxing and enjoyable.

So as you might have noticed, my attention was more on the people having fun and the nice mood among the drivers and visitors.

As you well know Mathieu Van Den Oever shot countless clips again which will be edited into another masterpiece by him. I really enjoy his movies because he’s always able to capture the essence and pleasure of an event.

My fellow Wangan Warriors shooter Allard got his mad photostance on as you can see. Be aware of some coverage from his side as well.

As most of you people are aware of is that drifting wears you out after a while. So everyone got a well deserved meal from the grill.

I can only say that everywhere I looked I saw calmness and the relaxed atmosphere. This was exactly the point of this day, no competition, no envy or grudge. Just united drifting and joy.

My buddy Mick van Randeraat couldn’t make it with his own drifter but was able to use the R32 Skyline of a friend of his. A great sign of support!

Lots of respect goes out to the marshals who kept an eye on the track and guaranteed the safety during the sessions.

The day slowly came to an end and fortunately no big accidents happened during the drift sessions. Some small collisions occured but without any real bad or physical damage.

I would like to thank the organisation for the DUMPD t-shirt and for organising an amazing promotion event once again. My shout out goes also to the Drive@Weeze management and personel for allowing us to do our work around the track. I hope everyone had a nice day and I hope this event will be held again in the future.

Drift safe everybody!

-Rens Adams