Meeting: 7Tune & Wangan Warriors at Sunset

So the first collaborated meeting between 7Tune and Wangan Warriors is a fact. A couple of months ago I phoned Allard van Grafhorst and asked him if he was interested to team up and host a meeting together. He responded by saying that he was about to call me with that same idea. Let’s say it was a good start from the very beginning. Next assignment: find a nice location. We have a database of potential locations but we immidiately pitched on the Waalkade in Tiel. Set a date and time and spread the word! We’re in the middle of the event season, there is a lot going on and the Japanese Auto Festival was only 5 weeks ago. But this didn’t keep a lot Japanese car enhousiasts from Belgium, Germany, Ireland and the Netherlands from attending our meeting.

At 8 o’clock on the second of June everything went down. Many people arrived pretty early and we saw some regulars but some new people were attending our meeting as well.

Ibrahim is one of those regulars with his AE86 and his car is always a headturner.

Another clubfriend and regular at our meetings was Kevin and his Miata NB. One of those guys who takes good care of is Mazda and building it up in his own personal style. Obviously rockin’ a 7Tune sticker on his rollbar.

Our clubmember Wesley has been putting a lot of effort in renovating his Work Meisters. Well the result is undeniable. Amazingly clean and the most photographed wheels at the meeting I guess.

Everyone is outnumbered against Imprezas. Well represented as always.

Vincent got his car prepared at stickerdump. That stickerwork gives this legendary FD a whole other style. Quite impressive work by StickerDUMP.

Again no lack of nicely stanced Silvias this evening. We’ve spotted this proper S13 at Streetpower and JAF. Awesome to see him attend at this meeting.

Our promotion on facebook paid off. These gentlemen follow us on FB. Luckily they were in Paris and made their way to our meeting while going home. Awesome EVO IX!

Everyone who’s passionate about his car will agree to this sign.

Belgium always stands strong with the cars they show up with. Also this time they drove with heavy artillery across the border to show how they roll. Acura NSX! No explanation needed, simply eye candy.

And there is no screwing around with this Evo either. That look makes me a little bit intimidated but nevertheless an absolute pleasure to photograph.

Since our meeting in Oosterhout I was looking for the owner of this beautifull Fairlady. Last week I just missed meeting them at the German Nurburgring but fortunately I got to meet Dave and his father who is the proud owner of this car. We agreed on that I will visit them in the near future for a nice blog feature of this Z. Stay tuned!

With the sun setting and people heading home, there were still groups of cars showing up at the meeting location. A group of 350z’s and the Street Sweepers from Rotterdam arrived fashionably late.

A special thanks goes out to Allard who was very happy with this first 7Tune meeting together with us. We thank him for everything he’s doing and I have to say the scene is one passionate soul richer with him out there. Keep up the good work buddy!

We want to thank everyone again for attending our meeting and making it a succes. Stay tuned for part II and the 7Tune coverage!

– Rens Adams

Photos by Rens Adams