Meets: Winter Season kick off!

I’m not sure if I’m suprised of the cold weather because the fact that we’re having a very long winter is not that extraordinary any more by now. What suprised me is the amount of people who still had the courage to drive for several hours to attend our meeting. The fact is that we did expect quite some people but when the weather forecast started saying we could look forward to some snow, I wasn’t sure about the outcome anymore. Luckily my gut feeling was proven wrong though!

People started showing up early and not in pairs but in dozens. I was pretty happy to see this sweet KP30 of Michael because I’ve been following his project pretty consistent and I was starting to get real curious about the result. It was a pleasure meeting you Michael, keep up the good work!

It was also great to see a few GT86’s attending our meeting again. I believe these cars set the quality level where it should be and are definately representative for a meeting image and reputation.

When we announced that we were going to have a entrance selection, it seemed some people started to worry. Although the selection wasn’t that strict, we did get some questions about it on facebook. We noticed one Evo owner who was wondering if his fully Time Attack prepared Mitsubishi was good enough. Hell YES!

When I saw the parking area being filled up quite good I started walking around to get an idea of what kind of cars allready arrived. After some chatting with friends I searched my way through all the visitors and took some shots here and there.

I couldn’t get my eyes off this Cima. Being a Miata enthousiast, I also have some kind of jealousy towards these VIP’s but in a good way though!

And correct me if I’m wrong but was this the first time a first generation RX7 attended our meeting? We absolutely love these kind of classics. Keep them coming in the future!

Did anybody visit the DUMPd booth of Stickerdump as well? I did have a lot of questions about people who were wondering about how everything is going to play out. Just keep checking the facebookpage and DUMPd website for any updates or news. After a few hours it started snowing and I wanted to change my photography as well to capture a little bit more dark feeling.

I changed my lens for wide angle glass and got my tripod to play around with some longer shutter speeds. For the people who have no clue what I’m talking about, I wanted to get a little movemement in my pictures.

I felt sad for the fresh rebuilt Toyota in the rain. Fortunately this was temporary because Michael has the luxury of parking it in a garage. Something we all wish every now and then, don’t we?

The snow was over pretty quick and almost all visitors stayed at the meeting, KUDOS!

The clouds cleared and the lightning conditions became a bit more photography friendly. This German 350z was also present at DUMPd 2012 and I still love the colour combination flour on red.

One of the many regulars at out meetings is this Silvia rockin’ the rocket bunny kit. This is one of my favourite PS13’s in the country and I’m glad to spot it out there every once in a while.

What kind of person would I’ve been if I didn’t gave some credit to our upcoming Roadster Crew. These guys are fun to hang around with, pull jokes on eachother and share thoughts and plans for our cars. We should seriously do a little roadtrip when the weather gets better!

When I saw this S14a on all the photo’s of the first Time Attack session I thought to myself: Where the hell is this guy coming from? I seems that this Nissan had a complete metamorfosis during the winter period and completely changed its interior and exterior. I don’t know all the details but I sure as hell want to know more about it.

Wesley got is exhaust manifold welded again so he’s ready for the DUMPd Drift Jam! Always sitting low, ghetto and sexy on the Work Meisters.

I always like to see people become acquainted at meetings. Tim Lust who just finished a session on the Zandvoort circuit decided to come to the meeting after a morning track session. A few weeks back I photographed his Supra and the dead gorgeous Impreza of Gerben within 24 hours. I was suprised that they had never met before. It seems that they had a nice chat.

Allow me to conclude our first meeting coverage with the one and only Bug-eye of Gerben. I just can’t get enough of this beautifull machine and it will sure not be the last photo you’ll see of it.

We still owe you a weekly wallpaper from this weekend so I thought the first photo of this blog would be a nice one. Click the following link to download:

Thanks to all the visitors for attending our meeting again! Stay tuned for our following coverage some time this week!

Rens Adams

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