Car feature: Simplicity, less is more

Stop your google searches for cool Miatas, I have one for you right here. This little blue beauty is in posession of proud owner and builder, Dylan Mirtic. This kid is ridiculous in a very good way. We all have a certain caution with low cars and try to scrape as less as possible. Dylan scrapes with a big smile on his face. I’ve been following Dylan for a while through facebook. Not like a stalker but I loved to see the progress of his Mazda and what he was doing with it. So a while ago we decided to get together for a photoshoot.

We met up in Bilzen, Belgium at a petrol station where Dylan needed to clean his Miata for the shoot. I was literally amazed by its lowness, cleanliness and finishing details.

We drove to a quiet cul-de-sac which was a cool setting for this static shoot. My buddy Allard came along to shoot some cool work as well, you can check that out on his facebookpage.

In my opinion there is not much necessary to make a Miata look cool. There are just some finishing touches for the body that make it stand out.

This is the perfact example of how Miatas should be. It’s lowered on V-Maxx coilovers and build up to personal desire and taste.

Let me show you the modifications Dylan did on his ride and take a little closer look at a few signature details of the Miata. Let’s start with the Garage Vary front lip. This was the first purchase for my own Miata as well and to me this lip is the only thing the front of a NA needs.

There are many subtle wings for the Miata available, Dylan chose for the KG works duckwing and subtle side skirts.

I love the retro look mirrors, these are on my own wish list as well!

Take a close look at that. Is that low enough for you? Remember that Dylan lives in Belgium and although their roads are illuminated like nowhere in the world, they are quite bumpy. Dylan doesn’t mind.

Bigger brakes were needed after the turbo set up so the stock ones were replaced for Wilwoods combined with Stoptech brake discs.

What makes the stance are the gorgeous Azev type A wheels in size 16×9 with Hankook s1 evo 215/35 r16’s stretched around it. It’s kind of great that fairly wide wheels fit in the stock fenders of the Miata.

Dylan mounted in 2 Bride bucket seats to keep his ass in one place while he’s enjoying himself on the roads or track. It doesn’t only sit clean in a garage but sees some track action as well every now and then. You might have noticed that from the ‘ring sticker in the first feature photo.

As I was saying, Dylan chose to put a Bell engeneering stage 2 turbo kit on the 1.6 for a little bit more power. He also changed the complete powertrain for the 1.8l Miata parts. So the driving shaft, clutch, flywheel, differential and the six speed gearbox.

A custom exhaust was made and combined with the muffler of a Volvo S60. Dylan also wanted to lose the tail foglight so he cut it out the rear bumper which makes the rear look that little bit more hardcore.

It was a fun location to do some framing and shoot from different point of views. I was pretty satisfied with the result of this shot, I think it displays the style of the Miata how I see it.

We drove to another quiet road to do a few rollingshots. This shot was a rather lucky and unplanned shot but I really love the vibe in it.

I’m very pleased to have captured this Miata, I’ve been planning it for a very long while and it finally happened. Dylan, thank you for your time and I hope you appreciate the car feature.
See you out there sometime soon!

Rens Adams