Spotlight: Warrior Kevin

I don’t recall that our club member Kevin ever had a proper introduction on our blog. Not that he needs an introduction at this time but he still deserves a little attention and exposure just for the reason that he has one hell of a loud RX7 FC and because he’s an awesome guy! I just wanted to share a few shots and tell you people a little bit about Kevin and his Mazda.

Back in October 2011, Kevin thought it was time to do some serious work on the Mazda. It was time to rebuild the engine and refurbish the engine bay completely. He restored the bottom of the car, got rid of all the rust, stripped and repainted the interiour and did it all by himself using a large party tent as a garage in the back of his garden.

The gearbox was overhauled as well and it was also time to add some critical upgrades which where necessary after the reconstruction of the engine. The engine is now running about 315bhp at 0,5bar but with a v-mount intercooler they should be able to map it up to a solid 400bhp at 1,1bar , which is not a bad result at all! As you can see in the photo, Kevin has quite a fuelsystem. He installed Walbro 244 in-tank pump, bosch 044 main pump, swirlpod, earl’s performance hoses and couplings with 725cc primary injectors and 1000cc secondary injectors.

The whole project was one hell of a task to realize and we gearheads all know the ups and downs of these projects sometimes hold us back from certain targets. Kevin had the goal to make it to DUMPD2012 and only one week before the main event, he picked up the 13B-turbo at the enginebuilder and got it build in just in time for DUMPD. When he showed up at the pre-meeting we were all amazed of what this kid pulled off in a short period of time.

That was in september 2012 and the car was far from done and probably will never be finished. Through last year and this year, Kevin continued with the RX7 and took care of the handling by building in a 5-point Cusco roll cage. He has custom made coilovers by Intrax Racing. Just a few weeks ago we visited the Nürburgring with Wangan Warriors and Kevin also did his first few laps in the Green Hell.

He installed two Bride bucket seats with Willans 4-point harnesses and took out the stock dashboard and got it flocked.

I think that was enough history so back at present. This weekend we got together with a few Wangan Warriors to do some photoshoots and hang around our cars for some time. We were having a break at a parking area next to the motorway.

My buddy Allard van Grafhorst and I hung out of the back of my Miata to take some cool rollingshots. Now does this look like a cool group shot or what?

The noise that comes out Kevin’s exhaust is beyond anything I’ve heard in a very long time. I was able to capture a short movie with my phone. First you’ll hear Noud in his RB25DET powered s13 passing by and secondly Kevin tries to wake up half the world. Just listen!

Noud’s s13 got his recent game changing paintjob done by Freek Kops (blue s13 in the group shot) and not long after that he decided to replace the OEM tail lights with these fresh ones. I like it a lot!

I know it’s a short spotlight blog but I hope you know Kevin and his RX7 a little bit better by now. Kevin is one of those dedicated guys to keep an eye on. And with his plans beared in mind, you’re looking at a new neck breaker in our country. I’m not going to reveal any of his plans because the coming upgrades will be featured in a future blog!

-Rens Adams