Spotting sushi in the Big Apple

New York. The Big Apple. The American dream in the flesh. A trip to this city has been in the top 10 of my bucket list for a long, long time. But it has been in the top 3 of my sisters bucket list even longer! So when I turned thirty last July, she decided it was time to take the plunge and buy us some tickets for my birthday.  It was supposed to be a car free holiday but hey… You know me! 

IMG_4162 + 4184

We had to wait a couple of months but finally it was the 9th of October and a big blue bird flew us to the city that never sleeps! We dumped our luggage at the hotel and decided to check out Times Square as it was only a 5 minute walk from the hotel. There’s only one word that can describe it; Chaos. And not the controlled chaos I loved so much about Tokyo. No, this was utter and uncontrolled chaos!

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But that’s the case almost everywhere you go although it’s no surprise that it’s chaos in the biggest train station in NY; Grand Central. But the place was beautiful and most definitely a must see if you’re in the city.

IMG_4341 + 4345

Of course I kept my eye out for some cool cars and I stumbled upon this tricked out Nissan Ultima parked close to the Flat Iron building (NYC first skyscraper). I can’t say I’m a fan of the front bumper but I like the colour and you just can’t go wrong with a set of Nismo LMGT4 wheels. All in all it looked nice and clean…


… unlike this streeto/driftstyle 240sx I spotted a couple of hundred meters further down the street! It looked cool though, and I sure hope it’s used in the way it looks!

IMG_4302 small

Of course you have to walk across the Brooklyn bridge to, well, Brooklyn. Not only is it an architectural masterpiece but it provides some brilliant overviews of the Manhattan skyline. It turned out we would walk across the bridge more than once but I’ll get back to you on that!


While we where having dinner in Brooklyn I spotted a blue Impreza driving by and I thought to myself it was a shame I didn’t have the chance to take a photo. I went out for a smoke five minutes later and to my surprise it was parked fifty meters from the restaurant! I quickly took some shots and it turned out that Pete, the owner, was familiar with another gentleman I had spoken to prior to our trip…

IMG_4370 - small

… because like I said in the first paragraph, it was supposed to be a car free trip. But a couple of weeks before we flew out to NY I posted a shout-out on FB, asking if some of my American friends knew anyone in the area that would be interested in a shoot. My good friend Armanda pointed me in the direction of Nas from Pride Motorsports (formerly known as Pride Performance). To keep a long story short, a few days later we where crossing the east river again for a date with some of the finest Japanese rides New York has to offer…

IMG_4384 + 4390

… and I got more than I could have hoped for! Nas was kind enough to take the Pride Motorsports BNR34 with him while Pete brought along his good friend Johnny who owns one of the cleanest BNR33’s I’ve ever seen!

IMG_4407 + 4455

Best of all, all three cars where packed with JDM goodies! And when I say JDM, I mean JDM. Auto Select, Advan, Bride, Defi, Greddy, Tomei, Volk Racing, Nismo, Chargespeed… Just a few of the brands that can be found on these beauties.

IMG_4435 small

And just to top it all of… I got the chance to shoot these cars with the Manhattan skyline as a backdrop. It literally was a dream coming true!

IMG_4447 small

I mean… just look at it! Some beautiful cars and a drop dead gorgeous background. It just doesn’t get any better than that! Not only are the BNR33 and BNR34 a rare sight in the US…

IMG_4386 small

… they are actually road legal which is even more surprising! Actually, Johnny’s car is the first and only US Federally compliant 1996 R33 GTR OBD2 Skyline.
Now to be honest I’m not entirely sure what that means but it’s road legal and I can assure you that you have a better chance of bumping into the president of the United States than spotting Johnny in his gorgeous LP2 Midnight Purple machine roaming the streets!

IMG_4485 + 4489

Like I said, only the best of the best is good enough for these machines! The CF Auto Select “devil” wing is rare as rocking horse poo but it just looks so good! And a full set of Greddy gauges? Why not!


That wing just compliments that ass so well! And believe me when I say that the sound coming from the Tomei Expreme TI titanium exhaust is orgasmic.

IMG_4453 small

From that ass to that face… I had to pinch myself at times to see if I was awake! Z-tune bumper, fenders + over fenders, dry carbon hood… And no fake rubish aftermarket items either! No, all original Nissan/Nismo items. The headlight air intake has been developed in house by Nas at Pride Motorsports!

IMG_4510 - small

A set of TE37 Super Laps (18×11 ET18) is the choice of wheel and like a lady, the shoes complement the dress. I love the beefy look of the Toyo R888’s. Not only does it look good but that beefiness provides extra grip when needed! And I suggest you really check out the suspension specs on the bottom of this article!

IMG_4506 + 4508 + 4514

The Z-tune items are complemented by Robot Racing dry carbon sidesteps and a dry carbon wing blade. I’m not a fan of to much stickers on a car but yes… With a car like that, all you do is win!


Pete’s STI is a true function over form kind of ride! Sporting some of the best mods available, Pete is not the kind of guy to cut corners when it comes to quality!

IMG_4531 + 4532 + 4535

A full set of Defi gauges, Inovative wideband + guage…


Bride Stradia II’s…


Advan RCIII wheels… The list just goes on and on and on and on! And it doesn’t stop there! Because the engine has been treated to some very nice goodies as well.

IMG_4537 + 4542

The Cosworth short block is beeing powerfed by a Tomei ARMS M7760 turbo which get’s it’s cooling from a Turbo XS intercooler. A Koyo radiator, Prova oil cooler, Tial 44mm external waste gate, Tomei turbo inlet… and again the list goes on and on and on and on!


So there you have it. A beautiful afternoon, a beautiful location and some beautiful rides! I would really like to thank Armanda for hooking me up with Nas and Pete, Johnny and Nas for coming out to meet me and give me a opportunity some people can only dream of. It really was a pleasure meeting you guys and I can’t thank you enough.

IMG_4566 small

I would also like to thank my lovely sister Luciëlle for what has turned out to be the best birthday present ever. None of this would have been possible without you and I love you dearly!


Last but not least, a big thank you to the crazy, friendly, kind people of New York for their hospitality. I must admit that New York is no Tokyo but then again, I’m biased!

God Bless America!

Allard van Grafhorst


Johnny’s R33 Skyline GTR VSPEC
LP2 Midnight Purple
Auto Select “Devil Wing”
Nissan OEM optioned Foglights “Removed for photoshoot”
Nissan OEM optioned window vent visor
NISMO Rear Spats
NISMO R32 GTR Intercooler Ducts

VOLK RACING CE28 19×9.5 ET22
GoodYear Eagle F1 275/35/19
Tein Super Street dampeners

NISMO gauge cluster
AEM UEGO wideband

Pioneer AVIC-D3/Relocated HVAC controller

Tomei Type A Poncams:  252 intake/ 252 exhaust
Tomei Air Filter
NISMO timing belt
Nissan N1 water pump
GREX oil filter relocated/oil cooler
Blitz 100MM FMIC
Mishimoto Radiator

Engine Management
First and Only United States Federally compliant 1996 R33 GTR OBD2 Compliant Skyline.

NISMO balanced downpipe
Catalytic converter delete
Tomei Expreme TI Titanium exhaust

Nas’s R34 Skyline GTR
Nismo Z Tune Front Bumper
Nismo Z Tune Fenders
Nismo Z-Tune Over Fenders
Nismo Z Tune Dry Carbon Hood
Robot Racing Dry Carbon Wing Blade
Robot Racing Dry Carbon Side Steps
Pride Motorsports Headlight Intake Mod

Volk Racing TE37SL 18×11 ET18
Toyo R888 305/35/18
HKS Hipermax II Coilovers
Nismo Body Brace Set
Nismo Under Floor Reinforcing Brace
Nismo Rear Member Brace
Nismo Panhard Rod
Nismo Front Performance Damper
Nismo Rear Performance Damper
Cusco Upper Control Arms
HPI Engine Damper

Nismo MFD Upgrade
Safety 21 Roll Cage
Nismo Combination Meter

ARC Catch Can/Washer Fluid Combo Tank
ARC Titanium Exhaust
Super Catalyst Catalizer
HKS Dump Tubes
Mines ECU

Pete’s Subaru Impreza STI
Chargespeed bottomline side skirts
Chargespeed bottomline rear spats
V-limited front lip

Advan RCIII wheels
Whiteline front & rear swaybars 24mm
Whiteline HD mounts
Whiteline anti lift kit
Whiteline anti roll kit
Vourshelag camber plates
Robispec corner balance/alignment
Robispec KW V3 Coilovers

Stoptech front & rear rotors
Goodridge SS lines all round

Defi guage pod
Defi boost guage imperial
Defi oil pressure guage imperial
Defi egt guage imperial
JDM STi shift knob
Oem STi dead pedal
Oem Sti floor mats
Bride Stradia II’s driver and passenger seat
Inovative wideband + guage
Halman boost controller

Cosworth shortblock
Koyo radiator
Prova air/oil seperator
Prova Oil cooler
Tomei ARMS M7760 turbo
Cobb LE bov
Aquamist HSF-5 with Spec C tank
Tial 44mm External Waste Gate
Perrin uppipe
Invidea G200 exhaust
k&n typhoon intake
Walbro 255 fuel pump
Turbo xs top mount intercooler with meth tap/y pipe
Act street disc clutch
TIC shifter bushings
Tomei Turbo Inlet
Aeromotive Fuel Pressure Regulator
Injector Dynamics 850cc injectors
Injector Dynamics Top feed rails