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Special feature: Quick delivery car

Well, not an actual delivery car, but it’s owned by the holder of an Italian restaurant. I remember my first encounter with the owner which was many years back. As always I was filling up my S13 with petrol and “someone” from the Italian restaurant across the street walked up to me and started asking me some questions. He certainly knew his stuff but at the time I didn’t know him. He told me he owned the restaurant and on top of that was the proud owner of an Evo Lancer. All of a sudden, we saw each other driving about more often, we greeted, had occasional chats when we both had time and my friends and I went over for pizza every now and then. Recently, when we were having another chit chat I asked him if he would be interested to be featured on our blog and luckily he was. Continue reading


Spotlight: Mitsubishi Evo VI

There’s nothing that beats the aggressive look of a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution. Something about this model turns countless heads while it passes through streets, making every man think about why he didn’t buy a saloon like that. Fortunately Benjamin, an appriciated forummember of ours, did make the right choice of buying this amazing Evo. We invited Ben for a photoshoot and he accepted it with pleasure. We drove to a cul-de-sac and took a few snaps underneath some trees. Continue reading