Special feature: A Subaru enthusiast

The thing about automotive enthousiasm is that you’ll find it in every kind of way, generation and even maybe culture. What starts as just an ordinary hobby can blossom into an extensive ardour. The passion you’ll sometimes find in people is almost beyond words. I had the pleasure to meet up with a great rally fan and invited him for a photoshoot and do a little story about him and his Subaru Impreza 2005 WRC look.

Let me intoduce you to Jobert Brouns. His attraction lays with his Subaru Impreza with a WRC look and everything about rally. His car is his ongoing project. Probably like many other projects, it will never end.

The exterior has been reformed with a Aerys/L’aunsport WRC bodykit and a whole bunch of WRC style stickers.

The Subaru sits on gold 18” OZ Prodrive P1’s with Falken FK452 tyres. This model wheels aren’t in production anymore so they’ll be more exclusive in the future.

Like every real rally car you’ll find the names of the pilot and navigator with the flag of the country they’re representing. Mr. Brouns represents Limburg all the way!

The suspension also contains a set of Tein Flex coilovers with ajustable camberplates.

The two tone WRC version spoiler finishes the rear end of the car. This is probably the eyecatcher when you’re driving behind this evil machine.

A lot of stock parts have been removed to reach the goal of making this car look like a real rally car. Like the stock mirrors have been replaced with these carbon WRC ones.

When we take a look at the interior we also find some modifications. But I couldn’t mis the sparco/subaru jacket with al its matching colours and logos.

Combine that with a proud owner or any other hardcore rally fan and it might look a little like this.

The stock seats made place for two Cobra Sazuka bucketseats with 4 point Sablet harness to keep you in one place. The rest of the interior is fully stripped. Rollcage in the future?

Under the bonnet we find a pretty much stock engine with a HKS dump-valve.

I met up with Jobert again to capture this thing in action. Resulting in a few cool rollingshots.

And a little closer!

Afterwards we talked about different rally events across Europe and Jobert told us all kind of funny an cool stories. Sometimes the marchals can’t tell if he’s a visitor or a competator in the rally event and they send him all the way to the start of a parcour. This proves how succesfull the WRC look is.
He showed a bunch of project pictures and rally movies on his phone and we lingered at the photoshoot location until the sun was completely set. Ending a nice evening with a great rally enthousiast. It was a pleasure getting aquainted with you Jobert. Hopefully you’ll come to our end of year meeting in Oosterhout!

– Rens Adams

Photos by Rens Adams and Noud Fieten