Spotlight: Bjorn’s beautiful monster

Every now and again you come across a car that leaves a lasting impression. It can be love at first sight for many reasons. In this case Bjorn’s car is one of my favorites just because it’s a complete allrounder. You might know this Nissan 200SX S14A as the ex Falken drifter / Time Attack ride of Lennard Wander. But Bjorn decided it was time for a fresh new look once he bought it from Lennard.

Bjorn decided to ditch the Falken livery and gave the car a mat black look and a fresh new livery designed by Stickerdump. If you look closely you can see that the various bleu spots are actually outlines of famous racetracks! Leave it to the guys at Stickerdump to come up with an original piece of design. By the way; 10 internet points for the everyone who can identify all the tracks.

I’m really glad that Bjorn decided to keep the Koenig SSR Wheels! Wheels can really make or break a car in my opinion but the Koenig wheels just look right at home under the full BN blister widebody which makes the car a good 10 cm’s wider than the original body. And that’s just the reason the wheels just look so good. With 9J wide in front and 11J wide at the back they fill up the arches like a boss.

They look good on the move as well! As you all might know this car is a regular at Dutch Time Attack events. Bjorn is racing for the Jeroentje Tuning TA team but he wanted more. And that’s where the allround part kicks in…

… because Bjorn decided to use this car as a drifter as well! Something it was build for when it first saw the track. Sporting a complete Driftworks suspension setup this car handles like a dream. And it sure showed at the first DUMPd drift jam By the way, you missed out on the first Drift Jam? There’s another date set for the 23th of September so keep an eye on the DUMPd FB page for more info.

Power is provided by a build RB26 which uses a Holset big single turbo to pack an extra punch. Now I will provide you with a spec list at the bottom of this article but mind you, it isn’t complete. Why you say? Because Bjorn is already cooking up a fresh new engine package with the guys at Jeroentje Tuning and once that is completed I will do a full feature on this car!

So keep an eye on the blog if you want to see more of this car in the near future. It’s projects like this that keep the Dutch Time attack scene interesting…

… and more important; good looking as well!


Suspension and Brakes:
• Driftworks Geomaster Tension Rods
• Driftworks Toe Rods
• Driftworks Traction Rods
• Driftworks Camber Arms
• Driftworks Geomaster Race Hub Knuckels Front
• Driftworks Geomaster Race Hub Knuckels Rare
• Driftworks CS2 Coilover Suspension
• JBT 8 Caliper Big Brake Kit Front
• JBT 6 Caliper Big Brake Kit Rear

Engine and Clutch:
• RB26
• Holset Big Single Turbo
• Tomei Fuel Rail
• AEM Wideband Lambda
• Clear Cam Cover
• Fuel Lab Fuel Pressure Regulator
• HKS Cam Pulley’s
• And much more
Body, Interior and Wheels:
• BN Blister Full Widebody Kit +100mm
• Koenig SSR Wheels (9J Front+11j Rear)
• Falken Azenzis 265/..Rear
• Falken Azenzis 245/..Front
• Fully Welded Cage
• Tubbed Front Wheelarches
• Front end replaced with removable frame
• Aluminium Door Cards
• Stripped Interior
• Hydraulic Handbrake
• Paddle Box
• STACK Dash
• And much more

Allard van Grafhorst

Photography by Allard van Grafhorst & Rens Adams