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Raising the bar – An introduction

We like cars. We like people who work on cars. But we love people who build their cars. Who put their own time, blood, sweat and tears into their cars. So there’s a new entry on the blog:
Raising the bar. Raising the bar will be all about builds that we think are, well, raising the bar! Of course there are enough projects out there that are well executed but the cars that will be featured in raising the bar are not your average projects. These cars (and their owners) deserve their own feature in a special kind of way. So what are builds that are raising the bar? Continue reading


Spotlight: Bjorn’s beautiful monster

Every now and again you come across a car that leaves a lasting impression. It can be love at first sight for many reasons. In this case Bjorn’s car is one of my favorites just because it’s a complete allrounder. You might know this Nissan 200SX S14A as the ex Falken drifter / Time Attack ride of Lennard Wander. But Bjorn decided it was time for a fresh new look once he bought it from Lennard. Continue reading


Spotlight: Paul’s new drift dress

This is Paul’s new Nissan Silvia S14a. This car was on the market for quite a while and Paul decided to take it under his wing and start his own story with it. I believe that almost everyone who has a passion for the Japanese automotive scene, has a certain weak for drifting. I can’t remember what exactly made me fall in love with the style and flair that goes with it but I guess it’s timeless and magical. Maybe it’s just different from other excisting styles or the common state of affaires in the scene. Continue reading