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Introduction: Out of bad comes good.

Before I explain what that cryptic title is all about, let me tell you something about myself first. My name’s Maurice Bergers, 26 years old and I live in Schiedam, a town right next to Rotterdam in the Netherlands. As many if not all of you here, I have an almost unhealthy fascination with things powered by combustion engines, whether it be on two wheels or four. Continue reading


Events: A Roadtrip to DMPD

Most of you guys might not know me so before I will serve you some footage of the, in my opinion, best car related gathering of the year, please let me introduce myself first:

My name is Patrick, but most of my friends call me ‘Palle’. I live in western Germany and I work as an editor and photographer for German car related magazines like „Chrom & Flammen“, „BMW-Scene“, „Porsche-Scene“, „VW-Scene“ and some others. But work is work, and besides this, my personal preferences have always been tended towards the Japanese car lifestyle. Continue reading


Introducing Wangan Warriors photographer: Alex Kamsteeg

Hi, my name is Alex and I’m a 25 year old guy from The Netherlands. Since I was little I’m fascinated by science and engineering. Instead of playing soccer or joining the boy scouts I went to a little hobby club in my hometown where I built stuff like a 1:10 scale model of a boat driven by an electric motor from an alarm clock. It almost sank on its maiden voyage due to water entering the hull via the shaft tunnel which prompted me to start building a working model of one of those big floating cranes they use to salvage sunken ships. Continue reading