Car feature: Double trouble

I love doing feature shoots. Getting to know people, making friends and finding out what drives them to do what they do. And I’ve got to thank that little black light capturing device for that! However, the thing I love the most about doing features is the story your subject for day has to tell. In this case two subjects! And I think I’ve got a nice story to tell…

My story starts at the the first DMPd driftjam held earlier this year. As Rens and myself where taking shots trackside, our attention was drawn to a shoot held in the middle of the old Weeze military base. Now as we are not the guys to jump into someone else’s shoot we decided to take some quick shots. Rens took some shots of Jeroen’s beautiful PS13 as I had Luc’s stunningly clean S14A.

Luc asked if I could send him some photo’s and that was the start of a couple of months where we stayed in touch trough various social media channels. To make a long story short, we decided to do a double shoot together with Jeroen and we would meet at the place the story of both gents started a couple of years back: BPO Automotive.

Bastiaan from BPO imported both cars at the same time and in fact, Luc and Jeroen picked up their cars at the same day. I found the cars at exactly the same spot as when they where collected a few years back. They both had lived in the land of the rising sun and now they would continue their life in the land of wooden shoes and coffeeshops. A better love story than Twilight if you ask me!

Not only the cars sticked together. if you didn’t know any better you would think Luc and Jeroen where brothers. And that’s exactly the reason we did a double shoot. The cars belong together just as much as the owners do!

Normally when doing a shoot you tend to stay at one location that suits your needs as a photographer. But there where so many nice locations in the area we decided to use several spots.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Wheels can make or break a car. In both cases the cars rock some great looking rims!

Luc choice of wheels is a great one if you ask me! The Nismo LMGT2 rims are refurbished in matt black which provides a nice contrast with the white bodywork. Before I met Jeroen I had never seen a set of original Origin DNA-01 wheels and I must admit that they look gorgeous! And as with the LMGT2’s on Luc’s car, the gold color on the DNA’s also provide a nice contrast with the light blue/grey body of Jeroen’s PS13.

Besides the fact both cars actually real JDM cars they actually reminded me of Japan. I’ve seen cars like these rolling on the streets of Tokyo and if I closed my eyes I had no trouble at all imagining these two beauties tearing up the mountain roads surrounding the capital of Japan. The S14a is sporting original K’s aero bumpers as well as a kouki spoiler and grill…

… as where the PS13 is wearing original TRA Kyoto 6666 customs body parts! The car is rocking a GT rodeo special front bumper, +30mm front & rear fenders and skirts. It just doesn’t get more JDM than that!

It doesn’t matter what car you drive. A Nardi classico steering wheel looks good in any car. Other than the Nardi wheel, Jeroen can keep his eye on all engine vitals trough a set of Defi DIN gauges, a Innovate MTX-L wideband lambda and a STRI 60mm boost gauge.

Luc’s interior is still work in progress but you can already see that it’s going to look great once finished! He fabricated a custom centre console for the Apexi AVC-R boostcontroller and Defi control box. He’s also sporting several Defi gauges.

Continuing with the JDM theme, we take a look under the hood of the PS13. I just loved the look of the Project MU cover/wristband. And the Tomei sticker isn’t just for show because the SR20 redtop is being served gasoline trough Tomei 555 injectors. The engine is being managed by a Mines ECU with a custom Horsham developments chip. A Garret GT2560r turbo replaced the factory item for that extra punch together with a nice list of other (JDM) parts.

Luc’s engine bay looks a little more stock but don’t let your eyes fool you! The SR20 blacktop is upgraded with a Garret GT2871r turbo, Nismo 555 injectors, Greddy FMIC, Walbro fuel pump and plenty more stuff. Luc also chose a Horsham Developments chip to make sure the engine, together with all the upgrades, is running smoothly.

Both cars have a great presence on the street and turn heads both young and old. It doesn’t matter from which angle you look…

… they both are unique in their own way! But the best thing about these cars is the journey they both made…

… because as with every great journey…

… come great stories…

… and this journey and its story just had to be told!

Speclist Jeroen:

SR20DET redtop engine
Garret GT2560r turbo
Horsham Developments exhaust manifold
Apex Performance Intercooler
Apexi Power Intake
Custom Intake Hardpipe
Walbro 255lph fuel pump
Mine’s ECU with Horsham Developments Stage 2a chip
Tomei 555 injectors
HKS EVC-6 boostcontroller
Japspeed 3″ downpipe
Japspeed 3″ elbow
Powersprint 100CPSI cat.
Kakimoto Regu.06&R catback
Tomei N2 oilblock
Mocal Remote oil filter
GKtech Eccentric throttle Pulley
GKtech coolant neck spacer
ISIS lightweight pulleys
Nismo Radiator cap
FSE fuel pressure gauge
Chargertech Rad.hoses

Driftworks CS-1 coilovers (9/7)
Nismo front lower arms
SPL Pro Tie rod ends V5
TEIN Z33 Inner tie rods
HPI Tension rods
Apex Performance bushed Camber arms
Apex Performance bushed Toe arms
SPL Pro Eccentric Lockout kit
Ultra Racing front strut brace
Megan Racing rear strut brace
Silk Road Section Engine Torque damper
Hardrace adjustable Front ARB
Hardrace adjustable Rear ARB

Z32 TT front brakes (280mm)
GKtech BMC stopper

TRA Kyoto 6666 Customs GT Rodeo Special front bumper
TRA Kyoto 6666 Customs GT Rodeo Special +30mm front fenders
TRA Kyoto 6666 Customs GT Rodeo Special skirts
TRA Kyoto 6666 Customs GT Rodeo Special +30mm rear fenders
S14 5-lug conversion
Origin DNA-01 wheels 17×9,5 with 245/40/R17 (et10,-10)
Weds Sport Lug nuts
GTR-style grille

Defi DIN gauges
Innovate MTX-L wideband Lambda
STRI DSD 60mm boostgauge
HKS type 0 turbo timer
Recaro LS-C seat
Nardi Classic steering wheel
Tomei Duracon shift Knob
Bride re-upholstered rear seat
Bride re-upholstered dash

Speclist Luc:

SR20 blacktop engine
H-dev stage 3a chip
555 Nismo injectors
Walbro fuelpump
Blitz airfilter
Greddy FMIC
Japspeed exhaust manifold
GT2871R Turbo
Japspeed 3 inch elbow
Japspeed flat down pipe
Apexi cutback with decat

HSD Monopro coilovers
Driftworks Hicas elimination kit
Nismo strut brace front & back

GT-R33 brembo calipers
Brembo 324mm drilled brakediscs
Ferodo DS2500 brakepads

K’s aero bumpers (JDM only)
Kouki spoiler
Kouki grill
clear indicators

Recaro drivers seat
Custom centre console
Apexi AVC-R boostcontroller
Defi oil temp. gauge
Defi oil pressure gauge
Defi water temp. gauge
Defi gas. pressure gauge
Defi exhaust temp. gauge
Defi boost gauge
Defi control box

– Allard van Grafhorst