Little red ringtool

As you might know, Wangan Warriors is more than just the blog and a healthy FB page. It’s also a group of friends who like to get together every now and then to have a laugh, BBQ or take weekend trips to the famous Nürburgring. These weekends are all about the above and of course to drive a few laps ourselves and/or to watch what and who is trying to conquer the Ring. It was during one of these trips when I spotted a a little red ringtool at Brunchen and seeing as I’m always on the look out for stuff to shoot and cars to feature, I thought this Civic would make a nice spotlight feature for our humble blog!

IMG_4806 WW

I approached the car from the rear and at first sight you’d might think it’s ‘just’ another Civic EG with nice wheels. But even from the back you can already spot there’s more to this car than meets the eye.

IMG_4796 WW

Meaty front tires, D2 big brake kit and some of the best front fenders I’ve ever seen on a Civic! Now I was even more excited to do a little spotlight shoot.

IMG_4812 WW

Luckily for me I caught the owner Patrick a few minutes later as he was about to set off, but he was more than happy to let me do my thing for a couple of minutes.

IMG_4816 WW

I absolutely love how aggressive this thing looks from certain angles, especially the front,  thanks to the NBC Racing Fenders and front bumper! The car looks quite low due to the PCI Racing Side Skirts but it’s all function > form, although in this case it’s save to say that form equals function.

IMG_4819 WW

The car achieves its height thanks to AP Coilovers but to keep the car controllable on track and to minimize the chance of torquesteer, Patrick also added an Integra Type R swaybar and endlinks to the front suspension as well as a Buddy Club P1 camber kit.
The rear benefits from an ASR Swaybar, ASR Subframe and Function7 lower control arms among other things.

IMG_4834 WW

Torquesteer you say? Why, yes! Because the car not only looks raceminded, it’s also got the engine to go with those looks. A B18C6 engine found its way to the enginebay and it’s not quite stock. You can find a complete speclist at the bottom of the article but let’s just say the Skunk2 retailer had a good day when Patrick called.

IMG_4824 WW

The interior remains quite standard but I love, love, LOVE the momo steeringwheel wrapped in the smoothest leather the Italian manufacturer could find. Of course a set of Bride Low Max seats is mandatory when you want to enjoy some fast cornering…

IMG_4827 WW

… but even more important are the oil temp and oil pressure cauges. It’s all fun and games until you wreck your engine because you didn’t have any information or data at your disposal!

IMG_4822 WW

So there you have it. Even when I enjoy a nice weekend away with friends I’m on the look out to shoot cool stuff for you guys, our faithfull readers. Personally I think this Civic is more than just cool.

IMG_4836 WW

It was certainly worthy of a spotlight feature on our little blog and Patrick, if you read this, I take my hat of for you sir. You’ve certainly managed to build a cool little red ringtool!

– Allard van Grafhorst


Honda Civic EG5
CTR B16b Piston
Skunk2 Pro stage 2 Camshafts
Skunk2 Camgears
Skunk2 Pro Valve Springs
Skunk2 LMA´s
Deatsch Works Injectors
Fidanza Flywheel
Innovative Motor Mounts
K&N Air Filter
Custom Ram cold air intake

Tegiwa 4-2-1 Header
Custom 2,5″ Catback with Megane Racing muffler

S80 overhaul with Synchrotech Parts
S2000 Clutch Master

Rota Grid 8×16 ET10 in front with Toyo R888 in 215/50
Rota Grid 7×16 ET35 in rear with Federal 595 R-SR
NBC Racing Fenders and Front
NBC Racing Spoiler
Pci Racing Side Skirts

AP Coilovers
Front: Energy Supension Master kit, Integra Type R Swaybar and Endlinks,
Buddy Club P1 Camber Kit, Honda Strutbar
Rear: ASR Swaybar, ASR Subframe, Function7 Lower Controll Arms,
Energy Suspension Rear Trailing Arm Bushing, Ultra Racing Strutbar

D2 6Pot Mono Calippers and 303mm Discs
Hel Brakelines

Momo Steering Wheel
Bride Low Max Seats
Integra Type R Cluster
Hondata S300