My 2014 – Steady as she goes

Another year gone. Another year hunting for speed, shooting cars, events and friends.  A year that hasn’t been spectacular but a year that can’t be described as dull either. A year without trips across the globe but with a few “small” trips across Europe. A year where I tried to stretch my legs a bit more when it comes to photography. A year that has been somewhat of an eye-opener. So allow me to show you my favorite photo’s and moments from 2014 and follow me as I take you on a rather personal side of my year journey.

IMG_7424 WW
Odiel Mennink, Femme Frontaal – Focused as she tries to obtain her racing license.

2014 has been the year of my first personal project. Trying to capture people when they are most relaxed, focused or simply when they at their best. For me, capturing the moments that decide which way the story goes has become somewhat of a subconscious guideline in my photography. But as you might remember from last year’s recap, I was pretty insecure at one point regarding my own work.

IMG_0647 - 2 WW
Grassroots drifting in the UK – The grass is always greener…

But a lot can change in a year as I’m now more dedicated than ever to keep on pushing and to keep improving. I have found my comfort zone but I try to keep myself from getting lazy, constantly looking to expand the boundaries of said zone.

IMG_4803 WW
The hills are alive with the sound of group C! – Historic Grand Prix, Zandvoort.

So I’ve regained my confidence in 2014. Which is a good thing of course but still I’m no where near where I want to be as a photographer. I guess that’s a good thing as well because it keeps me on my toes.

IMG_9107 WW
Mathieu “smiling eyes” van den Oever – Ready to conquer Circuit Zandvoort.

But as I said, the central theme in my work has become the personal side of the automotive scene. From an old friend who’s preparing to go out for a “zero f*cks given” lap around Zandvoort…

IMG_7335 WW
Jeroen van Horsen – Chief misfit at DBM Engineering.

… to a new friend who invited me to come over and follow their original Godzilla rebuild as well as an orange drag monster!

IMG_6577 WW
Jack and Irene – Family portrait 

Speaking of friends, allow me to introduce you to two of the most important people in my life, besides my family, and the car that brought us back together. I can honestly say I wouldn’t be where I am today without Jack and Irene. I’ve known Jack for a long time but somewhere along the line we lost contact. Till one day Jack drove by in his stunning Eclipse and well… long story short, he’s my brother from another mother.

IMG_7959 WW
Shine bright like a diamond – Jack’s new whip

2014 has been a year of deep valleys and high mountains for Jack. But he managed to realize his dream of owning a BNR32 V-spec. To me Jack is more than a friend, he’s an example that you can achieve anything as long as you work hard for it!

IMG_7351 WW
Tom Coronel SR. – Legend and father of racing twins Tim and Tom Coronel

There’s a story to the BNR32 as well because Jack bought it from no one other but Tom Coronel SR. The name Coronel might ring a bell because his his sons, racing twins Tim and Tom, both are quite known for their racing skills. They are both in Argentina as we speak to compete in the most gruesome race in the world; The Dakar rally. Meeting Tom SR. and the stories he shared has surely been one of the most memorable moments of 2014 for me.

IMG_0102 WW
Gazing in awe – #WNGN

Some of the best moments I captured in 2014 have been made possible by children.
Kids tend to keep an open mind and most of the time haven’t yet been influenced by their surroundings. They will speak openly but most of the time it’s their body language that tells the story before they open their mouth.

IMG_0006 WW
“I need dis tire!” – The grass is always greener…

I like unforced photos when it comes to people or children. It doesn’t matter if someone is preparing for the race of a lifetime…

Albin’s daughter Joy. One of my favorite photo’s from 2014! – Meet the Droogsma’s…

… or if you’re helping your granddad getting the Faust racer on the trailer!
To me it’s all about little personal moments…

IMG_7589 WW
A little father/daughter moment. Remy Droogsma and little Day. – Little moments that matter.

… as I already explained in my previous blog. 2014 has been all about little moments that matter!

IMG_7548 WW
Those blue eyes! – My little niece Fay, safe in grandma’s arms.

This also applies to my personal life because the highlight of my year has been the newest addition to my family. My sister gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Fay and I can tell you, even though it’s not my own child, it puts everything in perspective.

IMG_9231 WW
Timed selfie – My Rockin’ Roadster project…

It makes you rethink about your own life as well. What do I want from life?
I figured out that I love the light-capturing-stuff but what else do I want?
Do I raise a family of my own? Do I stay in the Netherlands?

IMG_1373 WW
Sideways Shenanigans in the UK – The grass is greener…

One of the best trips last year has been the one where Freek and meself crossed the channel to God’s country for some sideways action. The automotive culture over there has come closest as I know it from Japan, even though they are still light-years apart.

IMG_2202 WW
Warning! – The grass is greener…

The problem is that I feel like I miss something I can’t seem to find in the Netherlands. I feel like I’m missing all the action, all the fun while I so desperately want to be a part of it! Don’t get me wrong…

IMG_9170 WW
Shotgun with Mathieu – conquering Ciruit Park Zandvoort.

I have had some pretty memorable moments…

IMG_7341 WW
Childhood hero – Mazda 767B at Spa Classics

… encounters…

IMG_1089 WW
Put 20 drifters in an office they said! – The grass is greener…

… and loads of fun! But to keep a long story short; I miss Japan ever since my trip in 2012. It’s the one journey I’ve made I still think about every, single, day!

IMG_8922 + 8925
Mr. Hirofumi Tomiyoshi signing the NSX painting he brought from Japan for the NSX EU tour. – A weekend with Senna’s legacy!

This brings me to my resolutions for 2015. I’m not giving up smoking, I’ll keep on enjoying the burgundian lifestyle and most importantly; I want to take the big step and try and find a new job, in Japan! So any help/pointers/job offers are welcome.

IMG_8124 WW
Coming soon: Niels his stunning 800+ BHP Wangan Monster

But for now I would like to leave you with the promise…

IMG_6947 WW
Coming soon: A day in the Dutch countryside!

… that I’ve got a few articles lined up for January…

IMG_7861 WW
Coming soon: Part two of the DBM Engineering Hakosuka build.

… including the follow up on the preservation of a Hakosuka!

IMG_2864 WW
Destroy all tires! – DNRH series Germany

For now I wish you happy new year and a beautiful 2015 filled with burning rubber…

IMG_9499 WW
little Red Radical – Circuit Park Zandvoort

… lots of speed…

They see us rolling… – A weekend with Senna’s legacy!

and plenty of memorable moments.

For now, take care and thanks for all your support! Steady as she goes!

– Allard van Grafhorst


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