JDM sunset at the beach

JDM sunset at the beach is a Japanese car oriented event held at a beautiful location right by the South-West part of the Dutch coast. I was not too sure to make the trip together with my fellow WNGN shooters because we had at least a 2 hour drive and not knowing what we would find on location. Little did I know it was worth making the trip because we had a pretty good evening after all at this meet.


At big, open for public events it’s hard to navigate through the huge amount of cars present and unfortunately the beauties and pearls between them seem to be outshone by quantity I believe. Luckily the JDM sunset meet had plenty of quality to offer as well and I’d love to share some of that with you.


Seeing a couple awesome Miatas made me miss my own Roadster. It’s always good to see people taking care of their projects and often you can tell by the car if the owner is a proper petrolhead or not. This NB shows a little personality and a form of courage. I like it!


It’s always good to see familiar cars at other events. We have a large amount of loyal event visitors at WNGN and I love seeing these projects a little more than only at our own events. This gives you the chance of catching up with the latest updates and progression.


I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of RX7’s present. Both FD and FC models were well represented at the sunset meet.


No lack of Evo’s either yesterday. It’s good to see that Evo’s keep their charismatic and tough character no matter what modifications you do to them. They only get more aggressive and will always stay attractive.


This Evo III must have been one of my favourites. Amazing how neat this one looked and even though I don’t have any performance background of this particular Evo, I’m pretty positive that this thing can do some serious damage on a racetrack.


Never ignore a classic! I love the old school styles and unfortunately there weren’t enough at JDM sunset to be honest. The Datsun Figaro is something you don’t see every day so this was a welcome sight.


As I said it’s always good to spot familiar projects in the wild. This Fairlady on air never gets old if you ask me. Stay tuned for a couple of cool rolling shots of this 350Z pretty soon on our blog.


Most of the time at a car event I fall in love at least once. There are some cars that you fancy just a bit more than others and make a certain impression even though you can’t completely clarify why or how.


I don’t consider anything overdone with this one. Right wheels, right body works, right height, right fitment… Just an eyecatcher!


It’s always a pleasure seeing Erwin’s gorgeous Lexus. Make sure you have a look at this little spotlight I did a few weeks ago.


People kept arriving until fairly late in the evening and there was continuous activity around the meeting area.


It was time to slowly round things up for us and head back home because we still had a pretty long drive ahead of us. Unfortunately we didn’t get to see the sunset we really wanted because of the many clouds but I believe there were plenty ways to capture some decent photos.


We sincerely hope this event will continue to exist and we will definitely try and be present with our media crew to cover the highlights. Be sure to check out the bonus images below and keep an eye on our Facebook page for more photos.

-Rens Adams

Bonus images