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This is Gatebil

Buckle up boys and girls, grab your helmets and brace yourselves because we’re about to show you an event the Wangan Warriors way. I’m pumped with excitement to present another event through my viewfinder and this time it’s not a regular show that we find in the Lowlands. We’re taking you to a place where people wear viking helmets, a place where people burn more rubber in one track session than the entire Middle East in one year and a place where army tanks are decor of a car event. No, we’re not in Iraq, this is Gatebil! Continue reading


Gatebil: The black and white saga

Sit tight! Because you’re about to be overwhelmed with black and white photography. You might be asking yourself why and the answer could be very simple but it’s a rather long and a more personal story. If you don’t mind I would like to approach the first part of our Gatebil coverage in a more photographical way. An in depth view on the event itself will follow soon of course. But for now step into a B/W rollercoaster! Continue reading


Weekend Wallpaper: Smokey Rex

As some of you know, Maurice and myself are currently in Sweden for Gatebil at Mantorp Park. The event has just ended and we’re still shaking from everything we’ve seen and done these past few days. Make sure you keep checking our blog for the coverage which will be published sometime this week. Sweden, we love you! Let us treat you with a nice wallpaper to kick off the event coverage. Continue reading